“The American Dream is Back.” Donald J. Trump Met with Small Business Leaders at the White House Today, January 30, 2017

Download Now President Trump mentioned in passing about his outstanding cabinet and how Democrats are playing politics with his cabinet’s confirmations. He said: “they are

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Dear Trumper Ladies, Please Watch This! Liberals Attacking Omarosa and Her Response Is Priceless!!!!!

Download Now   AMERICA, look at what an intelligent, accomplished Trump woman looks like, Omarosa!!! Trump empowers women, he is a powerful force for good

Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to the President with Chris Wallace

Conway defends Trump immigration ban, ripped press ‘a new one’ over bias   Download Now Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to President Donald J. Trump, spoke with

Elizabeth Warren FAILS to Disclose $1.3 Million Line of CREDIT 

Sen. ELIZABETH WARREN IS TOTALLY against President Trump, your votes, your rights, your freedoms, your daughters. She is a senator going against her pledge of

LISTEN to Pamela Geller with Sean Hannity

AFDI Videos on FGM and Fake Passports at Immigration Download Now This is a very good video from Sean Hannity with Pamela Geller to watch

President Trump Delivers Weekly Address – January 28, 2017

Download Now While on the campaign trail, then President-Elect Trump stated: “It’s going to happen, you’ll see, it’s going to happen quickly.” I don’t know

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