Asian Trump Supporter Crushes Liberals and Identity Politics – This is Awesome!

This young man clearly explains to the liberals who we are and how they will end up if they continue to confront us Trump supporters. It is just what I said to the anarchists, communists I faced during Sunday’s rally supporting President Trump, in NYC near Trump Towers. Liberals don’t understand who we Conservatives are? We are retired police, federal government, every branch, military, militia, NRA, Second Amendment (trained). We stay the course because if we enforce what should be done, the other side would be destroyed. They keep jumping in front of us taunting us, but we the guardians of our Republic know what is at stake.


ASIAN TRUMP SUPPORTER: “………… Once you cross that line, you have started a war that you cannot win, you think that you are so big and powerful. Step out of your bubble, step out of the liberal cities, and look at the rest of the country, you are outnumbered, outmanned and outgunned.  You cannot win this. IF you normalize violence, if violence is ok, you cannot win. You can win by reaching out to conservatives, talk to Trump supporters and ask them why they believe what they believe and maybe, maybe you’ll find common ground………put down your fists, take off your masks. Fight with your words not sticks and stones, because if you don’t change, you are going to loose………you need us on your side…………you cannot kill us, you cannot kill all of us, you cannot divide us……”



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