OBAMA’S ARMY OF ALINSKY TRAINED AGITATORS 32,000 strong – ORGANIZING FOR AMERICA (OFA) is Trying to Impeach Donald Trump in “Secret”

So, America, what should we do with and to Obama this time around.  No one bothered him while he was president, if you can call him that!  We were warned to give him a chance because he is black.  Really, well, now that we know who and what he is, what should we legally do to put this Treasonous ball of community organizing hoodlum in prison for good, and throw away the damned key.

When protests erupted over President Trump’s Refugee Executive Order, Former President Barack Obama said: “He’s Heartened by the demonstrations.” That was a message to his troops, an army of agitators with one goal, sabotage Trump’s Presidency.

Paul Sperry, New York Post Columnist, and Author of:  “The Great American Bank Robbery” told Fox & Friends today that Organizing for America (OFA) is behind all these protests throughout the United States. That they are not spontaneous, they are pre-manufactured by OFA and OFA is Obama.  It is a non-profit organization officially tied to Obama.  He is behind all the protests breaking out across the country.  

They want you to believe that this is some broad-based sudden uprising against President Trump, and it’s not, it’s just Obama and his radical activists.”

Sperry:  “According to tax records they (OFA) have an army of over 32,000 hard-core Alinsky trained agitators and they are training thousands more as we speak and they are have a training summit coming up in March.  Obama is building a shadow government to sabotage Trump at every turn and he has an army to do it.”

Fox News:  “You know when something is up when Senator Jason Chaffetz wins his district with 73% of the vote, yet at a town hall, 70% of the people were screaming at him about “Obama Care”?

That was not spontaneous, that was right out of their training manual.  They have a whole section on how to target town halls and ambush Republicans.  


The Trump White House, these Republican law makers, they are completely blind sided. The opposition, and the media says it’s organic. It’s not organic, it’s all coming from Obama. He is sett up an opposition government. Obama is staying in Washington.  

Someone has to stop this criminal group Organizing for America (OFA) that is connected to Obama.  TRUMPERS, VETS, MILITARY, MILITIA, we need to organize and lawfully handle this problem.  I will fight for my President and my Country. How about you???  


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