Asian Trump Supporter Crushes Liberals and Identity Politics – This is Awesome!

Download Now This young man clearly explains to the liberals who we are and how they will end up if they continue to confront us Trump supporters. It is just what I said to the anarchists, communists I… Read More


“The Law is very clear, the President has broad powers to keep this country safe and to limit access to people that could come into this country and do us harm.”Sean Spicer

Sean Spicer, White House press secretary, spoke with Brian Killmeade of Fox and Friends today.  He said that “the law is very clear in that the President has broad powers to keep this country safe and to limit… Read More

U.S. JUSTICE DEPARTMENT is appealing a federal judge’s order

NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO ENTER THE United States UNLESS HE OR SHE ARE A CITIZEN OF THE United States.  Before I begin, I want to convey how upset I feel, as the rest of Conservative America is… Read More

The Change Agent

DOBBS’ COMMENTARY: A few thoughts now on a country that is truly undergoing what someone once called, a fundamental transformation. This transformation started the day President Trump was elected. President Trump is the “Change Agent” that he assured us all he would be… Read More

Liberals attacking Melania Trump again? Oh honey I got this……..

So, according to the libtards, you can’t ask an illegal to produce papers, a license, anything. But this week Nancy Skinner, California State Senator,  decided to stand before the Capitol and demand that First Lady Melania Trump produce her… Read More


There’s a part of Islam that is gaining attention in the U.S. is TAQIIYA, intentional deceiving of those who are not of Islam. One lesser known precept is MURUNA, the act of infiltration through truth of non-Islamic nations.

“America Is Back in Business of Protecting Its Borders – and At All Costs” President Donald J. Trump

President Trump told religious leaders at today’s prayer breakfast that America is back in the business of protecting it borders and at all costs. “WE need security. There are those who would seek to enter our country for… Read More

The anarchist, communist, radical left.

MY TAKE: It is so obvious that the Democrats did NOT listen to a single word that then President-Elect spoke during his hundreds of rallies around the nation.  They never stopped to listen to his plans to Make… Read More

Jamiel Shaw, Sr. has a message for Chuck Schumer! He better listen…..

What would you say if your child was shot in the head twice by an illegal immigrant?

Uniformed, Ignorant, Rude, Unprofessional, Nasty – Can you guess who?

“Press Secretary under President Trump has to not only be the Press Secretary, he has to tutor the uninformed and the Ignorant.” Lou Dobbs Look at this video and the way the Press comes at Sean Spicer. Look at… Read More

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