Day: April 11, 2017

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions Delivers Remarks Announcing the Department of Justice‚Äôs Renewed Commitment to Criminal Immigration Enforcement”

 This afternoon AG Jeff Sessions delivered a powerful, decisive speech from Ground Zero in the southwest. This speech was a clear message to criminal illegals, gangs and the drug cartels that America will no longer accept their drugs, violence and murder.  Following below is the speech he gave on National TV.  Thank you AG Sessions for your great work and that of Homeland Security, ICE and all other branches involved to Finally Protect Our Borders following the LEAD AND DIRECTION of Our President #DonaldJTrump. God Bless America!!! #MAGA

Remarks as prepared for delivery

Good morning, everyone. Let me start by thanking the brave men and women of Customs and Border Protection, who not only served as our gracious hosts today, but who put themselves in harm’s way each day to secure our borders and protect us.

Here, along our nation’s southwest border, is ground zero in this fight. Here, under the Arizona sun, ranchers work the land to make an honest living, and law-abiding citizens seek to provide for their families.

But it is also here, along this border, that transnational gangs like MS-13 and international cartels flood our country with drugs and leave death and violence in their wake. And it is here that criminal aliens and the coyotes and the document-forgers seek to overthrow our system of lawful immigration.

Let’s stop here for a minute. When we talk about MS-13 and the cartels, what do we mean? We mean criminal organizations that turn cities and suburbs into war zones, that rape and kill innocent citizens and who profit by smuggling poison and other human beings across our borders. Depravity and violence are their calling cards, including brutal machete attacks and beheadings.

It is here, on this sliver of land, where we first take our stand against this filth.

In this fight, I am here to tell you, the brave men and women of Customs and Border Protection: we hear you and we have your back. Under the President’s leadership and through his Executive Orders, we will secure this border and bring the full weight of both the immigration courts and federal criminal enforcement to combat this attack on our national security and sovereignty.

The President has made this a priority — and already we are seeing the results. From January to February of this year, illegal crossings dropped by 40 percent, which was unprecedented. Then, last month, we saw a 72 percent drop compared to the month before the President was inaugurated. That’s the lowest monthly figure for at least 17 years.

This is no accident. This is what happens when you have a President who understands the threat, who is not afraid to publicly identify the threat and stand up to it, and who makes clear to law enforcement that the leadership of their country finally has their back. Together, we will drastically reduce the danger posed by criminal aliens, gang members and cartel henchmen.

To that end, the President and I want to do our best to arm you, and the prosecutors who partner with you, with more tools in your fight against criminal aliens. So today, I am pleased to stand here with you and announce new guidance regarding our commitment to criminal immigration enforcement. As we speak, I am issuing a document to all federal prosecutors that mandates the prioritization of such enforcement.

Starting today, federal prosecutors are now required to consider for prosecution all of the following offenses:

  • The transportation or harboring of aliens. As you know too well, this is a booming business down here. No more. We are going to shut down and jail those who have been profiting off this lawlessness — people smuggling gang members across the border, helping convicted criminals re-enter this country and preying on those who don’t know how dangerous the journey can be.

  • Further, where an alien has unlawfully entered the country, which is a misdemeanor, that alien will now be charged with a felony if they unlawfully enter or attempt enter a second time and certain aggravating circumstances are present.

  • Also, aliens that illegally re-enter the country after prior removal will be referred for felony prosecution — and a priority will be given to such offenses, especially where indicators of gang affiliation, a risk to public safety or criminal history are present.

  • Fourth: where possible, prosecutors are directed to charge criminal aliens with document fraud and aggravated identity theft — the latter carrying a two-year mandatory minimum sentence.

  • Finally, and perhaps most importantly: I have directed that all 94 U.S. Attorneys Offices make the prosecution of assault on a federal law enforcement officer — that’s all of you — a top priority. If someone dares to assault one of our folks in the line of duty, they will do federal time for it.

To ensure that these priorities are implemented, starting today, each U.S. Attorney’s Office, whether on the border or interior, will designate an Assistant United States Attorney as the Border Security Coordinator for their District. It will be this experienced prosecutor’s job to coordinate the criminal immigration enforcement response for their respective offices.

For those that continue to seek improper and illegal entry into this country, be forewarned: This is a new era. This is the Trump era. The lawlessness, the abdication of the duty to enforce our immigration laws and the catch and release practices of old are over.

In that vein, I am also pleased to announce a series of reforms regarding immigration judges to reduce the significant backlogs in our immigration courts.

Pursuant to the President’s executive order, we will now be detaining all adults who are apprehended at the border. To support this mission, we have already surged 25 immigration judges to detention centers along the border. I want to thank personally the judges who answered the call to help us with this new initiative.

In addition, we will put 50 more immigration judges on the bench this year and 75 next year. We can no longer afford to wait 18 to 24 months to get these new judges on the bench. So today, I have implemented a new, streamlined hiring plan. It requires just as much vetting as before, but reduces the timeline, reflecting the dire need to reduce the backlogs in our immigration courts.

With the President’s Executive Orders on Border Security, Transnational Criminal Organizations and Public Safety as our guideposts, we will execute a strategy that once again secures the border; apprehends and prosecutes those criminal aliens that threaten our public safety; takes the fight to gangs like MS-13 and Los Zetas; and makes dismantlement and destruction of the cartels a top priority. We will deploy a multifaceted approach in these efforts: we are going to interdict your drugs on the way in, your money on the way out, and investigate and prosecute your trafficking networks to the fullest extent of the law.

Why are we doing this? Because it is what the duly enacted laws of the United States require. I took an oath to protect this country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. How else can we look the parents and loved ones of Kate Steinle, Grant Ronnebeck and so many others in eye and say we are doing everything possible to prevent such tragedies from ever occurring again?

Let me finish where I started, by thanking you — the brave men and women in uniform who are at the front lines of this fight. I know we ask a tremendous amount from all of you, but know this: we have your back, and will do all we can to empower you and support you in your work.

God bless you and thank you.


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“Remarks by President Trump in Strategic and Policy CEO Discussion”

The White House
Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release——April 11, 2017
Remarks by President Trump in Strategic and Policy CEO Discussion

Old State Department Library
Eisenhower Executive Office Building

10:55 A.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all for being here. Very much appreciate it. I want to thank Steve Schwarzman for putting together this very incredible group of world-class business leaders. That’s what you are. Also, joining us are Secretary Betsy DeVos, Secretary Wilbur Ross, Secretary Elaine Chao, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, and my budget director, Mick Mulvaney. That’s an easy job. Where’s Mick? (Laughter.) Such an easy job. It’s the easiest job of anybody in the government — right, Mick?

At the top of our agenda is the creation of great high-paying jobs for American workers. And we’ve made a lot of process. You see what’s going on; you see the numbers. We’ve created over 600,000 jobs already in a very short period of time, and it’s going to really start catching on now, because some of the things that we’ve done are big league and they are catching on.

Already, we’ve created more than almost 600,000 jobs. And yesterday, Toyota just announced that it will invest more than $1.3 billion — it’s probably going to be $1.9 billion — into its Georgetown, Kentucky plant, an investment that would not have been made if we didn’t win the election.

We have a lot of work to do. In the last two decades, our nation has lost a third of its manufacturing jobs, and our business tax is one of the highest in the world. It actually is, of developed countries, the single highest tax anywhere in the world.

For too long, we’ve punished production in America and rewarded companies for leaving our country. And we’re going to reverse that. We would reward companies, give them incentives to leave. NAFTA is a disaster. It’s been a disaster from the day it was devised. And we’re going to have some very pleasant surprises for you on NAFTA, that I can tell you.

My administration has already taken historic action to unleash job creation. We’ve signed dozens of bills and executive actions to reduce federal overreach and expand domestic production.

On the environment, we’re going to be very, very careful on the environment. It’s very important to me and the administration. But we’ve allowed a lot of companies to go back to work. They were being restricted; their jobs were being restricted. We’ve unleashed a lot of companies, especially right now in the energy sector — you see what’s going on there. It was impossible for people to do what they had to do, and now they can do it. It’s all done.

We’re also working to modernize our economy and harness the full potential of women in the workforce, which is crucial to our economic success. Economic confidence is sweeping the nation. You saw the new survey that came out. It’s at 93 — which is the highest it’s ever been — 93 percent of manufacturers are optimistic about the future. It was a 27 percent increase over two months ago when it was also high because of the administration, and much higher than it’s ever been — 93 percent. Highest it’s ever been.

This is just the beginning. We’re going to reduce taxes. We’re going to eliminate wasteful regulations, which we’ve already done — probably 25 percent. You can take a look at Dodd-Frank. For the bankers in the room, they’ll be very happy because we’re really doing a major streamlining and, perhaps, elimination, and replacing it with something else. But that will be the minimum. But we’re doing a major elimination of the horrendous Dodd-Frank regulations, keeping some obviously, but getting rid of many.

And we’re going to put many millions of people back to work. The banks will be able to lend again. So many people come to see me, I see them all the time — small businesses — they’re unable to borrow from banks. They never had a problem five, six, seven, ten years ago. They had great bankers. They had great relationships. Now they can’t borrow. And we’re going to let the banks loan them money, and they can build their businesses.

So with your help and insights, we will use the private sector innovation to drive job creation and reform government. A lot of reform. We have a computer system in this country that’s 40 years old. So when you hear we’re hacked and we’re this, that — we’re like easy targets. And one of the things we’re doing, in fact — we’re working with a very, very wonderful woman from IBM, and others — and others, okay? (Laughter.) Many others. It’s like when I said to Lockheed, I like the F-35 fighter jet, but then I said, but I also like the Boeing F-18. Okay? (Laughter.) So I love your computers, but we’re also looking at others, all right?

But we are. We’re going to have a massive program to modernize our equipment — ideally get brand-new equipment. The cost of maintaining our computers is a number that is so high that it’s not even a believable number. Now, I’ve heard anywhere — is this possible? — from $39 billion to $89 billion a year. Is that even possible? That’s for keeping our computers updated and running. And I think we can buy a whole new system for less money than that, wouldn’t you say? I mean, I hope so. We’ll give you $10 billion right now — modernize it. (Laughter.)

So I want to thank everybody for being here. I know most of you. You really are the top. And I want to thank my friend, Jack Welch, for being with us too. I’ve known Jack so long. We did deals together, right? Trump International — a big success — and the other one on Park Avenue. We had great success together with your real estate group who are terrific people. Dale Fry and everybody — right? Terrific. And John. So I just want to thank you. You’ve been a special guy for a long time.

And we’ll get down to business. Maybe before the media leaves, we can go around the room, and we’ll just introduce. We all know Steve, and I want to thank you, Steve, for putting the group together.

MR. SCHWARZMAN: Thank you.

THE PRESIDENT: Would you like to say something while all those cameras are running?

MR. SCHWARZMAN: I think we should say that we’ve had a really interesting day so far. What we did is we divided into five groups, meeting with each of the five Secretaries that the President mentioned. It’s an open discussion. The Secretaries presented what they were trying to achieve, and we had several people from the forum meeting with them and making comments on what they were doing to hopefully make their jobs better.

We’ve been looking at trade, education and workforce development, energy and the environment, regulatory reform, and infrastructure. All these things are really important, and we’re focused. The people in the administration are also focused. And working together, hopefully we’ll have a bunch of really good outcomes.


MR. LESSER: Rich Lesser, Boston Consulting Group.

MR. COSGROVE: Toby Cosgrove, Cleveland Clinic.

MS. ROMETTY: Ginni Rometty, IBM.

MS. BARRA: Mary Barra, General Motors.

MR. ATKINS: Paul Atkins, Patomak Global Partners.

MR. YERGIN: Dan Yergin, IHS Markit.

MR. PRUITT: Scott Pruitt, EPA Administrator.

MR. FINK: Larry Fink, BlackRock.

MR. WARSH: Kevin Warsh, Stanford University.

MR. WEINBERGER: Mark Weinberger, EY.

MR. MCNERNEY: Jim McNerney, Ex, Boeing.

MR. MCMILLION: Doug McMillon, Walmart.

MS. NOOYI: Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo.

MR. ROSE: Matt Rose, BNSF.

MR. HOWARD: Philip Howard, (inaudible).

MR. OGUNLESI: Bayo Ogunlesi, Global Infrastructure Partners.

THE PRESIDENT: Okay. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Thank you.

11:02 A.M. EDT

LIVE: Donald Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer Press Conference 4/11/2017 Sean Spicer Press Briefing




President Donald J. Trump is hosting some of the country’s top job creators at the White House today to discuss priorities for five Cabinet Secretaries and their agencies. These meetings will advance the President’s goal of creating an economic environment that empowers companies to create jobs and increase wages for American workers. With economic confidence booming in the wake of President Trump’s historic victory, the jobs are coming back, the economy is growing – and this is just the beginning.

“Restoring the Supremacy of the Constitution to the Supreme Court” – VP Mike Pence



The Judicial Oath

“I, Neil M. Gorsuch, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will administer justice without respect to persons, and do equal right to the poor and to the rich, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent upon me as As Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, under the Constitution and laws of the United States. So help me God.”


In the summer of 1787, our Founding Fathers crafted a framework of government that would protect the timeless ideals that bind us together as a people and give us purpose as a nation.

They gave us our Constitution. It was, it is, and I believe it will forever be the greatest charter of liberty our world has ever seen. It has fostered our nation’s unparalleled success. And it is, to this day, the greatest bulwark against tyranny in American history. This is the Constitution that President Trump and I have both sworn to uphold.

The American people elected President Trump in significant part because of his vow to do just that – to nominate someone to the Supreme Court who would keep faith with our Constitution and uphold the God-given liberties enshrined there.

On Friday, by the grace of God, I presided in the United States Senate as Neil M. Gorsuch’s confirmation was taken to the floor for a vote. Today, he was sworn in to serve as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

President Trump has kept one of his most significant promises he made to the American people: to put a justice on the Supreme Court who will keep faith with our Constitution and uphold the God-given liberties enshrined there.

In Justice Neil Gorsuch, President Trump chose one of the most mainstream, respected, and well-qualified nominees in American history – and our Constitution and the rule of law will be stronger with him on the Supreme Court.

Today is a historic day for our country. We are giving a new voice to the age-old vision of our Founding Fathers and rededicating ourselves and our country to the timeless principles that they proclaimed.