Hi, I’m James Comey-I leaked information to get Special Counsel to go after POTUS – I’m a criminal 

  1. Hi I’m James Comey 😜I’m angry cause I was fired🤡
  2. I leaked a memo to get a special prosecutor to go after President Trump 😡
  3. I am with Hillary 
  4. I am a loser 🤡
  5. I broke the privacy act🤑
  6. I broke the law😡
  7. I admitted I leaked info😩
  9. I have to be investigated 😜I admitted I broke the law😡🤑
  10. The Obama administration was pressuring the FBI to not bring a trial for Hillary Clinton. To downplay it as an FBI MATTER AND NOT AN INVESTIGATION🤡

What do you think? let me know. Thank you.

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