CHIEF MICHAEL BROWN – ALEXANDRIA PD – active shooter 07:09 am at Simpson Park, Monroe. Folks representatives were playing – two officers engaged and returned fire onto shooter.  It is an active scene and have a lot of witnesses – Working with FBI collecting evidence and getting oral reports.  Five people were transported from the scene and will not give names at this time.

Capitol Police: Capitol Police – DID NOT GIVE ANY INFORMATION AT THIS POINT – SINCE IT’S AN ACTIVE INVESTIGATION – 1.5 HOURS WILL GIVE more information. – It is a stable situation –

Rep. Scalise and Roger Williams – was shot and is in stable condition and in hospital.  He dragged himself all the way from second base to save himself.  They were all hiding in the dugout for ten (10) minutes, witnesses heard 50+ gunshots.

Several others were shot, the shooting went on for 10 minutes.  The Shooter in custody…..

He was an active shooter and went from one place to another while shooting the senators.  He had at least two weapons.

Rep. Steve Scalia was in good spirits but when he was being treated he asked for water.

Sen Rand Paul was there – 50-60 shorts – firing from the right field where he was –

They are taking this back to the 1800 right after the civil war when Democrats used to gun down Republicans in the streets if they didn’t vote their way.


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