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Anthony Scaramucci is Out – 7/31/2017

As retired General John Kelly was sworn in, the announcement came from the White House that Anthony Scaramucci was leaving his job as White House Communications Director.   The quote that was being broadcasted was:  “Mr. Scaramucci felt it was best to give Chief of Staff John Kelly a clean slate and the ability to build his own team.”

Anthony Scaramucci’s presence created a situation in the White House.  Last week Sean Spicer resigned his post as Press Secretary because of Scaramucci, and a week later Reince Priebus left as Chief of Staff because Scaramucci allegedly insulted him.  

The New Yorker stated that Scaramucci attacked Reince Priebus and also that he made remarks about Steve Bannon.  Source:  Fox News

P.S.  Just heard on Fox News The Specialists that Anthony Scaramucci had requested that he report directly to the President himself.  Retired Gen. John Kelly now has everyone reporting to him directly. 

Also, the President felt that Scaramucci’s comments during an interview were not appropriate.

Sarah Sanders repeatedly said that from now on everyone will go through Kelly if they want to see the President, including Ivanka, Jarred and anyone else.



Live: Right After POTUS – Press Briefing with Press Secretary Sarah Sanders – White House – 7/31/2017



General John Kelly Sworn in As White House Chief of Staff – White House – 7/31/2017


Remarks by President Trump After Swearing In General John Kelly as White House Chief of Staff

Oval Office

9:34 A.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT:  We just swore in General Kelly.  He will do a spectacular job, I have no doubt, as Chief of Staff.  What he’s done in terms of Homeland Security is record-shattering — if you look at the border, you look at the tremendous results we’ve had, and you look at the spirit.  And with a very controversial situation, there’s been very little controversy — which is pretty amazing by itself.  

So I want to congratulate you on having done a fantastic job, General.  And we look forward to, if it’s possible, an even better job as Chief of Staff.

GENERAL KELLY:  I’ll try, sir.

THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you very much.  We’ll see you in the boardroom.  We’re having a Cabinet meeting.

Q    Mr. President, how do you expect things will be different under General Kelly’s tenure?

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, I think we’ve done very well.  We’ve done very well.  Lots of records.  Lots of records created, John.  

If you look at stock markets — the highest it’s ever been.  Unemployment — lowest in 17 years.  Companies are doing tremendously well.  Business spirit is the highest it’s ever been according to polls — if you look at the polls — the highest it’s ever been in the history of these polls.  

We’re doing very well.  We have a tremendous base.  We have a tremendous group of support.  The country is optimistic.  And I think the General would just add to it.  But the country is doing very well.  Strongest stock market ever.  On Friday, we hit the highest in the history of the stock market.  Business is very enthusiastic.  And we will proceed and we will keep going.  

But we have a fantastic leader, Chief of Staff.  He’s going to do a really great job.

Thank you very much.  We’ll see you in the boardroom.

9:36 A.M. EDT

LIVE FEED: President Trump Presents the Medal of Honor – White House – 7/31/2017

Soldier who survived 48 hours of terror in Vietnam receives Medal of Honor


On Monday, President Donald Trump awarded America’s highest military honor to James McCloughan, an Army medic from Michigan, who “risked his life multiple times to rescue Vietnam War comrades,” according to a report in the Chicago Tribune. McCloughan voluntarily entered the “kill zone” to rescue his Army comrades, “even as he was pelted with shrapnel from a rocket-propelled grenade,” the Tribune writes. He’s risked his life on nine separate occasions, and suffered wounds on three different occasions, “but refused medical evacuation to stay with his unit, and continued to brave enemy fire to rescue, treat, and defend wounded Americans,” the White House said in its announcement last month.  Associated Press

7/28/2017 – Presiden Donald J. Trump’s Weekly Address – White House

Let those that can hear, listen and those that can see watch how America is changing for the better under Our President Donald J. Trump – A man of conviction, honor and decency.  He works hard 20+ hours a day to improve the lives of ALL Americans.  “PROMISES MADE – PROMISES KEPT!” – R. Micallef


The President’s Weekly Address is now available to watch on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and

My fellow Americans,
This past week, we have celebrated, saluted, and honored American heroes who have devoted their lives to God, Family, and Country.
Aboard USS Gerald R. Ford, we saluted those who will defend our flag on the newest and most advanced aircraft carrier in the history of our world.
In Ohio, I delivered a very special award to a heroic military survivor from the Pearl Harbor attack – long ago, but he is still in great shape.
At the White House, we have bestowed the Medal of Valor on the brave police officers who saved so many lives after a gunman opened fire on lawmakers during a Congressional baseball practice – they were very, very brave, and they truly did save lives.
And today in New York, we thank the law enforcement officers who are going after violent criminals and MS-13 gang members and restoring safety and peace to our communities. 
All American heroes – whether they patrol the oceans, protect our Capitol, safeguard our streets, or serve in many other ways – share a common bond: They believe in America, they love our citizens, and they will stop at nothing to defend our safety and our freedom. 
That is why we honor our heroes and work hard every day to build an America that is worthy of their sacrifices. 
The source of America’s strength is found in the spirit of our people.  The heroes among us represent that American spirit: courage, love, and sacrifice.  Our hearts are filled with pride and gratitude for all those who, for over two centuries, have secured our nation and protected our citizens.  
Throughout our history, heroes have answered the call of duty to defend our country in its hour of need – and they’re always there for us.  And frankly, one of the great privileges and joys of serving as President of the United States is getting to spend time with these incredible Americans.
Our heroes show us who we are as a nation and a people.  They remind us that every citizen is capable of greatness, and they renew the promise that America will grow stronger and greater than ever before – and that’s what we’re doing right now.  Look at all the jobs that are coming in.  Look at what’s happening with the stock markets.  Look at so many things, where we’re just getting bigger, better, and stronger – and never, ever forget our military, where we’re adding billions and billions of dollars of new planes, new ships, and new equipment for our great soldiers and military personnel.
After all, heroes are Made in America, and we have to take care of our heroes.
Thank you and God bless you, and God bless the United States of America.

Reince Priebus IS Out – General Kelly IS New Chief Of Staff at the White House – 7/28/2017 –



As we all heard, Reince Priebus, former head of the RNC, turned Chief of Staff, is out and General John Kelly is the new White House “Chief of Staff.”  We all know that President Trump respects Generals and has now hired General Kelly to straighten out his White House.  



Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 5.54.29 PM

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Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 7.25.56 PM.png

President Trump Gives Remarks on MS-13 to Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement Start time 1:40 PM EDT – 7/28/2017

President Trump – Vice President Pence Recognize First Responders to the June 14 Shooting of Congressman Scalise – White House – 7/27/2017

Press Briefing with Press Secretary Sarah Sanders -White House – 7/27/2017

Most important Topic Today:  

Repeal and Replace Obamacare by the Republican Senate/House

The rest will be questions from the Media to continue their AGENDA OF DESTRUCTION in support of the Democrats.

I am proud to be supporting President Donald J. Trump and I am proud of the work he is doing.  God bless Our President!!!  

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President Trump Participates in a Jobs Announcement The White House Start time 5:00 PM EDT – 7/26/2017