PRESIDENT TRUMP DELIVERS Remarks to the People of Poland – They Respond – “Poland Loves Trump” USA, USA,USA!” – 7:15 AM – 7/6/2017 – “America LOVES Poland! DJT

This was so moving, honorable and respectful towards President Donald J. Trump and FLOTUS Melania Trump.  They were all yelling "Poland Loves Trump!" 

PRESIDENT TRUMP ARRIVED AT POLAND – HELD JOINT PRESS CONF with President Andrzej Duda – Warsaw, Poland – 4:15 am 7/6/2017

This morning, President Donald J. Trump participated in a series of meetings with Polish, Baltic, and Central European leaders. Later, the President departed Poland en route to Germany for the G20 Summit. President Trump hopes to communicate to American allies in Europe and major leaders across the world that though he is committed to advancing America’s interests, his America First agenda encompasses the needs of the United States’ partners abroad. Long-term peace and international prosperity come when the United States displays leadership and is actively engaged with the rest of the world.

President Trump Speaks at the Three Seas Initiative Summit – Royal Castle, Warsaw, Poland – July 6, 2017

- The Three Seas Initiative is a joint Polish-Croatian project, launched in 2016, with the aim of strengthening trade, infrastructure, energy and political co-operation among countries bordering the Adriatic, the Baltic and the Black Sea.