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One of those arrested is Driss Oukabir, a Moroccan citizen who lived in Spain legally, as a suspect in the attack. Oukabir rented the van that was used in the attack, according to El Pais

A government official has confirmed to Fox News that intelligence agencies are now combing through their holdings, including terror watch lists, to determine if Oukabir was known to the FBI, DHS and other agencies. Officials are also working to determine if the suspect was blocked from entering the U.S., or if this was a radicalized individual that was not on government radar.

Mayor of Barcelona Ada Colau said those who participated in the attack “will not get away with it.”

“We are a strong city in its diversity and values. Barcelona is a city of peace, of dialogue, of democracy, valient, open to the world. The cowards that have tried to plant terror will not get away with it,” Colau said. 

Interior Minister Joaquim Forn, condemned the attack, adding the number of 13 dead and about 50 injured may change because there are serious injuries. 

“We are working to restore maximum order,” he told a group of reporters.


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