PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP Gives Remarks at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s Annual Convention – White House Live Feed AND Right Side Broadcasting – 1/8/2018

Our Dear Patriot Warrior President Donald J. Trump will be speaking LIVE today in Nashville At the 99th Annual American Farm Bureau Convention in Nashville, TN.  This is President Trump’s second visit to the Music City since assuming office.

President Trump will speak about improving the Rural Economy and will be his first major policy address since passage of the Republican Tax plan.


Rebuilding rural America
Today, President Donald J. Trump travels to Nashville, Tennessee, to deliver a major address at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s Annual Meeting. It will mark the first time since 1992 an American president has spoken at the event.

That symbolism is important. From his earliest days on the campaign trail, President Trump has highlighted the difference in prosperity between rural America and the country’s wealthiest coastal enclaves.

One sentence explains why this message resonated across America’s interior. It comes from the opening lines of a report from President Trump’s Agriculture and Rural Prosperity Task Force, which the President will share during his speech today: “While other sectors of the American economy have largely recovered from the Great Recession, rural America has lagged in almost every indicator.”




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