President Trump Meets with Members of Congress to Discuss School and Communisty Safety – The White House

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President Trump and The First Lady Attend the Arrival Ceremony in Honor of the Reverend Billy Graham – 2/28/2018

America Remembers Reverend Billy Graham – Thank you Dear Rev. Graham for bringing so many souls to Jesus Christ! RIP and Thank You for Teaching us about God!

President Trump Announces The White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities – 2/27/2018

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Press Briefing With Sarah Sanders – 2/27/2018 – The White House-RSBN

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The Indiana Society of Washington, DC’s Tribute to a Hoosier Vice President and Second Lady – The White House – 2/26/2018

The White House Live Feed – 2/26/2018 Vice President Pence and The Second Lady Participate in the Indiana Society of Washington, DC’s Tribute to a

Live Feed -Press Briefing with Press Secretary Sarah Sanders – The White House & Right Side Broadcasting Feeds – 2/26/2018

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