There are three amnesty bills up for a vote today in the Senate but none of them will help our president Make America Great Again.

Please go here to search by zip code to get a list of senators to call:

The list includes your senators and the GOP co-sponsors of the “common sense” bill listed below.

You can also use the Senate switchboard: 202-224-3121

Here are the bills to tell them to oppose:

1) McCain/Coons Amnesty

2) Grassley/Cornyn Amnesty

3) “Common Sense Caucus” Amnesty

The Common Sense Caucus amnesty bill introduced yesterday is especially bad and currently only needs 2 more votes. It seems to create a loophole to grant amnesty to everyone, not just DACA. It will even grant amnesty to whoever can sneak in by June 30, several months from now.

Let’s help President Trump drain the swamp!



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