Press Briefing with Press Secretary Sarah Sanders – The White House – Right Side Broadcasting – 4/10/2018 (Raid commentary)

After the FBI raided President Trump’s personal attorney’s home and office, Mueller and all involved have shown the world that their investigation has reached a dead-end on the “Russia” lie. Mueller is now hunting for anything and everything to quantify his blowing away millions on his witch hunt investigation with no end in sight.

Mueller and his bandits must have gotten confused with the Hillary Clinton sale of 20% of U.S. uranium reserves to Russia.  Clinton paying for the Fake Dossier presented as “real evidence” to a judge who gave them a subpoena based on “fake criminal information” to violate the Fourth Amendment rights of Candidate and now President Trump that brought on the lie Russia probe.  

If there was any rule of law left in America, Jeff Session’s DOJ and Rosenstein’s FBI would have gone after the real crime perpetrators the Clintons, the Obama DOJ, Lynch, Comey, Peter Strzok who looked the other way during the Hillary Clinton email server and destruction of 30,000+ emails investigation. Clinton is still free after committing 40+ years of crimes.  Strzok and Lisa Page, both FBI agents with an ax to grind, who obviously hate President Trump and what he stands for are still free even though we now have evidence of their text communications with each other as lovers, hating on President Trump and planning his demise.  

So, we are all witnessing the deep state still committing crime after crime in an effort to reverse the 2016 election results.  This will not happen.  If you ask the average American right now, they are totally disgusted, deeply disturbed and ANGRY with the deep state, the Clintons, the FBI, DOJ and all the actors involved in this crime to destroy the President of the United States. The CABAL can’t wrap their heads around the fact they will NOT BE ABLE complete their plans to continue destroying America and as Obama told us “to fundamentally change our country.”