OPINION EDITORIAL PRESIDENT TRUMP’S HIGHER LOYALTY by: Steven Rogers – America Winning Coalition – 4/26/2018

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by: Steven Rogers

As former FBI Director James Comey has been making several media rounds promoting his book, “A Higher Loyalty”, an overwhelming number of book review critics have concluded that the book is nothing more than a catalogue of innuendo, speculation, and opinions about President Trump’s character and loyalty, from a man who is on a mission to make money at the expense of the Trump administration

In addition to book review critics, many law enforcement practitioners on all levels of government agree that Comey tarnished the FBI by attacking the president.

For over thirty-eight years I spent my career in law enforcement investigating hundreds of crimes. My job as a supervisor and investigator was always to make sure that no stone was left unturned with regard to interviewing witnesses or gathering information and evidence in order for me to provide the prosecutor’s office with the information they needed to decide whether to proceed with charges or convene a grand jury.

Comey’s actions from the day he testified before a congressional committee regarding the Clinton emails, and to this very day, clearly show that his “Higher Loyalty” was never to the Constitution, our country, the FBI, or the oath of office he took. It appears that he conducted investigations by steering them toward a preconceived conclusion or manufactured outcome.

It is not necessary for me to focus on what we already know about how Comey conducted all of the investigations now being cherry-picked in the media.
But what I do focus on in this op-ed is Comey’s criticism and false conclusion regarding President Trump’s “Higher Loyalty”.

During the past year, my wife and I were invited to two White House receptions where we met and greeted many of the fine people working with President Trump. On both occasions, president Trump demonstrated exactly where is “Higher Loyalty” is.

The scene was simple. We were chatting with people for about ten minutes when the band suddenly started to play “Hail to the Chief” as president Trump and his wife Melania entered the room.

As everyone was applauding the President and Melania, the band stopped and the couple approached a podium in front of us to say a few words.

It was the first words spoken by this president who showed all of us in that room where his loyalty is. For those first words uttered from his lips was an explanation that before we begin, we should never forget that there is a God who we are responsible to and should be loyal to. He then asked for a moment of prayer for our nation and for God’s guidance.

President Trump does not need a book, does not have to go on a media tour, nor does he have to make any speeches to prove where his “Higher Loyalty” is. For his loyalty to God and Country was summed up in two short sentences at these White House receptions. “We should never forget that there is a God who we are responsible to and should be loyal to. Let’s pray for our nation and God’s guidance.” End


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