President Trump Pardoned Dinesh D’Souza – 5/31/2018 “You Got Shafted”

President Trump Pardons Dinesh D’Douza – 5/31/2018

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President Trump Signs the “Right to Try” Act – “Giving Terminally Ill Patients a chance, here at home” – The White House – 5/31/2018

Giving terminally ill patients a chance, here at home An estimated 609,640 Americans will die from cancer alone in 2018, according to the National Cancer

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Holds a Briefing After Meeting with Top Notch North Korean Official – 5/31/2018

Secretary Pompeo Speaks about his Meeting with North Korean Official – U.S. State Department

PRESIDENT TRUMP Delivers Remarks and Participates in The White House Sports & Fitness Day – 5/30/2018

President Trump – Sports & Fitness at the White House – 5/30/2018

Press Briefing with Press Secretary Sarah Sanders – The White House – 5/30/2018

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders fields questions from the Press – The White House – 5/30/2018

President Trump Signs S. 204, the “Right to Try Act” – The White House – 5/30/2018

To authorize the use of unapproved medical products by patients diagnosed with a terminal illness in accordance with State law, and for other purposes.

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