PRESIDENT TRUMP Withdraws from Planned June 12th Summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un – The White House – 5/24/2018

As Martha McSally (R-AZ) member of the House Committee on Armed Services and Homeland Security stated:  that Kim Jung Un has continued to play around with this thing and he is trying to act like an equal to us on the world stage.  But the reality is that he is a gnat in charge of a failed state.  President Trump is the leader of the free world and this is not a game!  The rhetoric they have used it’s gone beyond the posturing and they are back to threats.  I totally agree that President Trump needed to walk away to remind him.  We are going to continue the maximum pressure campaign to crank up the noose on this failed state to stop them from achieving a nuclear weapon that can threaten our country.

Congresswoman McSally will soon lead a congressional delegation over there in a few days to get eyes on the ground to talk to the troops, talk to military leaders.  Also talk to our diplomatic leaders and those of South Korea to see what is really happening.  We want to do all that it takes to protect America and it is critical timing.



March 8:  Trump accepted invitation from Kim Jong Un to meet

May 10:  Trump announced North Korea Summit would take place in Singapore on June 12

May 15:  North Korea threatened to cancel Summit over U.S. – South Korea military drills

May 22:  Trump said “certain conditions” must be met before meeting could take place

Secretary Pompeo:  North Korea didn’t respond to repeated requests to discuss logistics of Summit

All President Trump wants to make sure is that North Korea does not have a nuclear weapon to make sure they can’t hold a U.S. city hostage.   


“SADLY, I was forced to cancel the Summit Meeting in Singapore with Kim Jung Un.” President Donald J. Trump


We are using all elements of National Power right now, it’s a maximum pressure campaign with economic sanctions and diplomatic pressure and, if we need to, we have to have all options on the table…..the whole idea of deterring your enemy from doing something so dangerous is that you have to be willing and able to make is so painful for him that he has to change his behavior. If needed, we will have the military ready, and they are able and we are willing to stop them from holding one of our cities hostage.  It would be an awful scenario, but it’s a second worse scenario to having a nuclear weapon and an ICBM in his hands.  Martha McSally (R-AZ)


JENNIFER GRIFFIN stated that it is the belief at the top level of the Pentagon and President Trump expressed it, that China’s President Xi, when Kim Jung Un went to Beijing to met with him, that shortly after that, as the White House was engaged in very tough trade talks, that Kim Jung Un started to pull back and indicate that maybe these talks would not work and started making threatening statements.  The Pentagon disinvited China to upcoming military exercises at the end of June with 27 nations, called RIM PACK, at the rim of the Pacific.  It was a signal that the Pentagon was starting to send a signal to the Chinese.  The Chinese just last week landed a nuclear-capable bomber on the disputed Woody Islands in the South China Sea.  The Pentagon wants this to be a diplomatically  resolved issue, but we still have 28,500 U.S. troops on the Korean Peninsula and we still have war exercises taking place in the next coming weeks which makes Kim Jung Un anxious.  We are in a very, very tense situation as we see these talks called off.  


It is the hope of President Trump that this Summit will soon take place to keep the world in peace and because the North Korean People deserve a better life. 


President Trump will speak soon after withdrwing from North Korea Summit.   America wants this resolved, but we will not be subjected to nuclear blackmail.  We keep praying for peace in the world! God Bless America!