President Trump Pardoned Dinesh D’Souza – 5/31/2018 “You Got Shafted”


President Trump is Making America Great Again – regaining control of society and bringing reason and honor back to America.  Thank you President Trump! 

Senator Ted Cruz brought this issue to the floor – He pressed the case and President Trump Made It Happen!


“He was treated very unfairly by our government!” Trump said in a tweet Wednesday, which was then retweeted by D’Souza.



Fox News 

D’Souza, 57, pleaded guilty to campaign finance fraud after donating $20,000 to New York politician Wendy Long, a Republican, during her Senate race in 2012. He was indicted two years later, in January 2014, for using a “straw donor,” a person who makes illegal contributions to a campaign in the names of others, to make the donation.

As a result, D’Souza was sentenced to five years probation, eight months in a “community confinement center,” weekly counseling sessions and given a $30,000 fine.

It is quite incredible that Dinesh made one (1) single donation, although wrong and Rosie O’Donnell made 5 and we hear nothing about her going to prison.


Filings show that O’Donnell has donated more than $90,000 to 50 different federal candidates and committees during the 2017-18 election cycle.


So, now, we have Dinesh back amongst us! Another great Conservative, necessary voice back in our society.  Dinesh helps open up our eyes to the truth! Thank you President Trump!


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