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PRESIDENT TRUMP Celebrates the Six-Month Anniversary of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – The White House – 6/29/2018

Six Months Later: Tax Reform Delivers An Economic Resurgence

There’s never been a better time to hire in America, to invest in America, and to start living the American Dream.

A BOOMING ECONOMY: Just 6 months after President Donald J. Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act into law, the American economy is booming and confidence is soaring.




BOOMING ECONOMY: Just 6 months after President Donald J. Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act into law, the American economy is booming and confidence is soaring.

  • President Trump’s tax cuts have revitalized the American economy, with 54 percent of Americans now rating the economy as good or excellent, the highest ever recorded by CNBC.

  • Businesses are bringing money held overseas back to the United States.

    • In the first quarter of 2018, more than $300 billion was repatriated back to the United States, setting a new record high, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA).

  • Optimism among employers has reached historic highs in the 6 months since the tax cuts.

    • Manufacturer optimism has reached its highest level in the 20-year history of the National Association of Manufacturers survey.

    • Small business optimism stands at its second-highest level on record since the National Federation of Independent Business began its survey 45 years ago.

  • The economy looks poised to continue its winning streak, with many economists expecting second quarter GDP growth to exceed 4 percent.

A WIN FOR AMERICAN WORKERS AND FAMILIES: American workers and families have seen some of the biggest benefits from President Trump’s tax cuts.

  • Americans are seeing more money in their paychecks following President Trump’s cuts.

    • More than 6 million American workers have received a bonus as a result of the tax cuts.

    • In the first 3 months of 2018, nominal hourly compensation for workers grew at its fastest rate in at least a decade.

  • Nearly two-thirds of Americans believe now is a good time to find a quality job, according to Gallup.

  • The unemployment rate has fallen to 3.8 percent, matching the lowest level in nearly 50 years.

  • Job openings reached a record high of 6.7 million in April 2018, topping the number of job seekers for the first time on record.

  • Families are benefiting from lower utility bills, as 30 million Americans in at least 30 states have had their utility bills cut as a result of the tax cuts.

  • American workers can expect to see even more gains moving forward, as employers plan to hire more workers and boost compensation according to recent surveys.

CRITICS’ PREDICTIONS FALL FLAT: The positive results of President Trump’s tax cuts are proving the alarmist opponents flat-out wrong.

  • The dire predictions by critics of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act simply do not match up with the incredible results seen over the last 6 months.

  • House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) referred to the bill to “Armageddon.”

  • Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) claimed, “what has been sold as a job creator and wage booster will, of course, do little of either.”

  • The day after President Trump’s election, the liberal columnist and economist Paul Krugman said, “we are very probably looking at a global recession, with no end in sight.”


Press Gaggle by Deputy Press Secretary Lindsay Walters Aboard Air Force One Issued on: June 28, 2018

FROM THE White House: 


Aboard Air Force One
En Route Joint Base Andrews

3:41 P.M. EDT

MS. WALTERS:  So I just want to start with like a few brief opening remarks.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the horrible shooting at the Capital Gazette Newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland.  We are grateful for the first responders who are at the scene.  The President has been briefed on the situation, and the White House has been in contact with the FBI.

As you all know, we are headed back to Washington, D.C., where tomorrow the President will mark his six-month anniversary of the tax cuts becoming law with a ceremony in the East Room of the White House.

Today, in Wisconsin, ground was broken on a facility that is a result of the business-friendly tax code, trade and regulatory policies President Trump has brought forth since taking office.  The Foxconn plant will take two years and 10,000 workers to build, and employ 13,000 workers when in full production.

Since President Trump took office, more than 300,000 new manufacturing jobs have been created in the United States.  And last year, the U.S. experienced a net addition of more than 4,000 new factories after suffering the loss of 65,000 factories between 2001 and 2013.

American workers are seeing more and more job opportunities, with openings reaching their highest level on record.  President Trump is fighting for the people of Wisconsin and creating new opportunities for all Americans.

Lastly, we again thank Justice Anthony Kennedy for his 30 years of distinguished service to our nation’s highest court.  He has authored landmark opinions during his tenure in countless areas of constitutional law, leaving the enduring legacy.  As the President noted yesterday, Justice Kennedy has been a tireless voice for the individuals’ rights and the Founders’ enduring vision of limited government.

The selection for his replacement has begun, and we will keep you posted on any announcements.


Q    Can you tell us, does the President — what’s the President’s timeline in terms of making an announcement for a successor to Justice Kennedy?  And does he hope to announce a name before he leaves for Europe in a couple of weeks?

MS. WALTERS:  As the President has said, the process has already begun to find a nominee to replace Justice Kennedy on the Supreme Court.  The President’s nominee to replace Justice Kennedy will have a tremendous intellect, judicial temperament, and impeccable qualifications.  He or she, above all, will have a duty to uphold the law and the Constitution.  And this is a process that the President has begun.  And if we have any further announcements, we’ll let you know when we do.

Q    When you say the process has begun, what exactly does that mean?  Is he reviewing paperwork, bios, past opinions?  Can you be a little more specific about what exactly the process he’s going through is?

MS. WALTERS:  As the President said yesterday, he is going through the process of finding a nominee.  He will pick one off of the list that you all have previously seen.  This is something that the President takes very seriously, and we will move through that process.  And when we have an update to report out, we will let you know what it is.

Q    Lindsay, one of legacies of Justice Kennedy is on LGBT rights, gay rights.  Is that something that the President will look for, a justice who would uphold that, as well, on the court?

MS. WALTERS:  As I said, the President’s nominee to replace Justice Kennedy will have a tremendous intellect, judicial temperament, and impeccable qualifications.  He or she, above all, will have a duty to uphold the law and the Constitution.

Q    Lindsay, there’s a report in the Wall Street Journal that the President is looking at replacing Kelly.  Can you say anything about when Kelly is expected to depart?  Is that in the plans at all?

MS. WALTERS:  I spoke to the President, who refuted this article.  He said it is absolutely not true and that it is fake news.  Since speaking to the President, that article is inaccurate.

Q    So he’s not talking to others about a potential replacement for Kelly at any point in the future?  That’s just not a discussion at all?

MS. WALTERS:  The President pushed back on the article.  He referred to it as fake news.  I’ve also spoken to General Kelly, who said this was news to him.  So both individuals in question have said there is no truth to this article.

Q    In his briefing, does the President have any more detail about what caused the shooting, what the motive was, if there was any connection to terrorism or anything else?

MS. WALTERS:  I don’t have anything further to report out to you other than what I said in my opening, that the White House has been in contact with the FBI.  We are continuing to monitor the situation, and as we have updates, we will let you know.

Q    On the Supreme Court justice, can you tell us, who’s going to be helping him with that choice and the vetting?  Has anyone been vetted at all yet?  Because I know you said he’s going to pick from the list.  Has everyone on that list been vetted?  Is it Don McGhan who’s going to help lead?  Can you talk us through either vetting and who’s going to help?

MS. WALTERS:  So the President will seek the advice of the Senate in choosing a nominee.  But ultimately, this will be the President’s decision.  At the end of the day, the pick will be an individual whom the President chooses to sit at the highest level of court.

As for the — who is involved in this, you know, we don’t often let out who is dealing with what parts of it.  When we have information that’s relative to report out, we’ll let you know.

Q    Has anybody been vetted at all?  Are any of the people on the list vetted?

MS. WALTERS:  I’m not going to get into the internal processes of going through that list.

Q    Do you have an update on what’s going on at the border?  Have any more children been reunited with their families since, I think, Secretary Azar gave an update midweek, or something like that?

MS. WALTERS:  There have been over 500 children who have been reunified with their families.  HHS, DHS, and DOJ are continuing to work through ensuring that remaining children are reunified with their parents.  Again, they need to go through a process to ensure that the children who are going to be reunified are placed back with either the person who is their parent or a sponsor.  There is a vetting process that takes place to ensure that the child’s wellbeing is being put first.

Q    Lindsay, can you tell us about the upcoming meeting with Mr. Putin?  How Mr. Trump is preparing for it, what he thinks are the advantages or some of the risks that he’s taking with the meeting.

MS. WALTERS:  As you all know, President Trump and President Putin will meet on July 16th in Helsinki to discuss the U.S.-Russia relations and a range of national security issues.  The President is pursuing this meeting in the interest of America’s national security to determine whether Russia is willing to make progress in our relationship.

The President hopes that the meeting can help reduce tensions and lead to constructive engagement that improves peace and security around the world.

Q    Lindsay, the President tweeted today that Putin keeps saying he didn’t interfere in the election.  The intelligence community obviously says different.  Does the President side with the intelligence community, or does he believe Putin?

MS. WALTERS:  The President has made his views on this clear.  He has again said that there was no interference on behalf of his campaign in the election.  And for anything else, I refer you to outside counsel.

Q    Lindsay, will the President demand that President Putin and Russia return Crimea to Ukraine?

MS. WALTERS:  I’m not going to get ahead of what the President is going to say in his talks with President Putin.  But what I can tell you is that he is pursuing this meeting in the interest of America’s national security to determine whether Russia is willing to make progress in our relationship.

Q    Back on the border, will the government be able to meet the court order to reunite all families and children within 30 days?  And what is the White House doing to try to help make that happen?

MS. WALTERS:  The court ruling two days ago clearly shows the need for congressional action to fix our broken immigration system.  This ruling further complicates the already convoluted judicial ruling that makes effective enforcement impossible.  The injunction must be removed immediately or we can’t keep the country safe.  And the President has made his position on this very clear, how he feels about securing our border and protecting our communities here in America.

Q    Can you tell us about the European allies?  The President seemed very critical of European allies — how he anticipates this trip to Europe and just anything more about that?

MS. WALTERS:  I’m sorry.  Can you repeat —

Q    About the European Union, the President’s criticism of the European allies.  In his upcoming meeting, he’s going to Europe and I’m wondering how he sees some of the potential problems that he might face with the criticism that he’s had of the Europeans for the trade issues and so on.

MS. WALTERS:  I’ve not had a conversation with the President on his thoughts heading into his meetings in the coming weeks, so I’ll need to get back to you on that.

Q    You said that that meeting in the East Room is tomorrow?

MS. WALTERS:  Yes.  The six-month tax anniversary event will be tomorrow, held in the East Room.

Q    And he’s giving remarks?  Anything else?

MS. WALTERS:  He will give remarks, yes.

Q    The President referred to his remarks just now to cars and talks with the EU about trade and auto tariffs, and then he said sort of jokingly, to the audience, “Don’t tell anyone but they’ve already come back to talk about this.”  What was he referring to?

MS. WALTERS:  The President is focused on free, fair, and reciprocal trade, and his goal to negotiate trade policies with the EU that benefit U.S. workers and companies.  He’s working to do that effectively for workers in Wisconsin and across the country, and that’s what he was referring to.

Q    Lindsay —

Q    So, wait.  Hold on a second.  Hold on.  Hold on.  That doesn’t answer the question.  Like, was he referring to — are there talks going on right now with the EU about the auto tariffs that he has threatened to put on?

MS. WALTERS:  I’m not going to get into specifics around conversation.  Again, what I can say is that the President is focused on free, fair, and reciprocal trade.

Q    Can you talk about whether Bill Shine is coming aboard to take over the communications and press operations at the White House?

MS. WALTERS:  We have no personnel announcements at this time.

Q    There are reports that the President is going to Montana week to campaign against Jon Tester.  Can you confirm that?  Montana newspapers are reporting that he’s coming next — the day after 4th of July, July 5th.

MS. WALTERS:  I can confirm that the President will be traveling to Montana next week.

Q    (Inaudible) from that?

MS. WALTERS:  Okay.  I think we’re —

Q    What day is that, Lindsay?  Sorry.  What day is Montana?

Q    Day after July 4th.

MS. WALTERS:  It is next Thursday.

Q    There’s also been some reports that North Korea is continuing to make improvements on one of their nuclear sites in Yongbyon.  Do you know if the President is aware of those reports and has any reaction to them?

MS. WALTERS:  I will need to get back to you on that.

Q    Lindsay, one more thing.  We don’t know very much about what happened in Maryland with the shootings, but I’m wondering if you have any concerns about all of the things that the President says about the media, about the criticism of the media; whether, you know, there’s any danger to this sort of — this battle that’s going on right now.

MS. WALTERS:  The White House and the President, and you’ve heard Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, say there is no room for violence, and we stick by that.  Violence is never tolerated in any form, no matter whom it is against.  There is no room for violence in our country.

Thank you, guys.


3:51 P.M. EDT

News Conference on Annapolis, MD Shooting – 6/28/2018

2:30-2:45 PM TODAY-IT happened inside the building where the Capital Gazette is housed owned by the Baltimore Sun.  There 170 inside the building where this took place.  Gunman walked in, went to the front door of the Capital Gazette with a long gun.  He opened fire and inside the newsroom at that moment was the newspaper’s Crime and Courts reporter.  Jumped under his desk, and shortly after tweeted what was happening.

First, and most important, President Trump said his thoughts and prayers were with the victims of the shooting at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis Maryland, Thursday afternoon. President Trump Thanked the first responders to the incident.

Later in the afternoon, Police Chief stated that there were no more persons in the building that were a threat to anyone else.  Police stated that the suspect was taken into custody and he was going to be interrogated.  The suspect allegedly was a white man, and he is in custody. Gun used by the suspect was a long gun. No make or model given. Suspect was not at all cooperative. Suspect even rubbed off his fingertips thinking he would not be identified.

Fox News stated that there were 5 dead and were not able to give how many were taken to the hospital.  Kimberly Guilfoyle, a former prosecutor, explained on The Five that the reason police arrived so quickly to the scene is due to the unified implemented protocol that allows authorities to talk to each other throughout the United States.  There was an explosive device that is no longer a threat.  They were able to locate, identify and block the explosive device.  Police were not aware of other devices.

8:00 pm is the next expected report from the police.  The suspect had no ID on him which FBI said it shows that he had a plan B.  The police surveyed and cleared the location.  They turned it over to investigators to go through it and investigate the timeline.



sources: various Fox News contributors

President Trump Visits Foxconn Facility and Delivers Remarks – Mount Pleasant, WI – The White House – 6/28/2018

Live President Donald J. Trump Speaks at Wisconsin Foxconn Groundbreaking – PRESIDENT TRUMP IS BRINGING Thousands of Jobs to WISCONSIN! #GodBlessAmerica

President Donald J. Trump is speaking at Foxconn’s groundbreaking in Wisconsin Thursday – the site of a future $10 billion electronics plant.

MOUNT PLEASANT, WI — President Donald Trump, Gov. Scott Walker and Foxconn CEO and Founder Terry Gou will be in attendance on June 28 in Mount Pleasant for the groundbreaking ceremony for the $10 billion Foxconn electronics manufacturing plant.

The event is scheduled to begin Thursday morning from the groundbreaking site at 11508 Braun Road in Mount Pleasant. Trump is expected to speak about 12:45 p.m CDT.

The size and scope of the proposed project is staggering: The roughly 20-million-square-foot plant will be located just north of County Line Road and just east of I-94 in Mount Pleasant in southern Racine County, according to local officials. That expanse is bordered by Braun Road to the north and Highway H to the east.



LIVE Stream: President Donald Trump Holds MAGA Rally in Fargo, ND 6/27/18 (Right Side Broadcasting LIVE FEED) & Fox News




Justice Anthony M. Kennedy announced Wednesday that the is retiring from the Supreme Court. This will allow President Trump a chance to replace the court’s pivotal justice moving the institution to the right.

On June 27, 2018, Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court, effective July 31.  The 81-year old senior associate Justice informed the White House of his intention to step down.

Anthony McLeod Kennedy (born July 23, 1936) is the senior Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. President Ronald Reagan nominated Kennedy to the Supreme Court in 1987, and Kennedy was sworn in on February 18, 1988. Since the retirement of Sandra Day O’Connor in 2006, he has been the swing vote on many of the Roberts Court‘s 5–4 decisions.[1][2][3][4]

Born in Sacramento, California, Kennedy took over his father’s legal practice in Sacramento after graduating from Harvard Law School. In 1975, President Gerald Ford appointed Kennedy to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. In November 1987, after two previous attempts at nominating a successor to Associate Justice Lewis F. Powell Jr., President Reagan nominated Kennedy to the Supreme Court. Kennedy won unanimous confirmation from the United States Senate in February 1988. Kennedy became the most senior Associate Justice of the Court following the death of Antonin Scalia in February 2016.[5]

He has authored the majority opinion in several important cases, including Boumediene v. Bush and Citizens United v. FEC. Kennedy wrote in part the majority opinions in Planned Parenthood v. Casey. He is also notable for his majority opinions in each of the Court’s landmark gay rights cases: Romer v. Evans, Lawrence v. Texas, United States v. Windsor, and Obergefell v. Hodges. Wikipedia

President Trump stated today:  We’ll begin our search for Justice Kennedy’s replacement ‘immediately”

PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP: A Conversation With America’s Future – The White House – 6/27/2018

Vice President Mike Pence Delivers Remarks at Santa Catarina Church, Manaus, Brazil – 6/27/2018 (Audio)

Vice President Mike Pence is in South America working to Make The America’s Great Again! Pray for this Patriot! #MAGA



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Q – The Plan To Save The World.


President Trump Presents The Medal of Honor Posthumously to the Widow of Kentucky WWII Hero, First Lieutenant Garlin M. Conner (1998) – The White House – 6/26/2018




Battlefield Commission

On June 28, 1944, shortly after earning his second Silver Star medal, Conner received a battlefield commission to second lieutenant. Six months later, on Dec. 29, 1944, he was promoted to first lieutenant. While in Houssen, France, he received a serious hip injury, but he slipped away from the hospital to rejoin his unit shortly before the battle that would see him earn the Medal of Honor.

On Jan. 24, 1945, as German formations converged on the 3rd Battalion’s position, Conner voluntarily ran to the front lines to serve as a spotter, uncoiling telephone line to communicate with the infantry as he ran to direct friendly artillery on the advancing enemy forces. He found little refuge in a shallow ditch, Villard said.

Video Player

VIDEO | 06:43 Garlin Conner: ‘Called artillery on his own position’

With rounds impacting all around him, Conner calmly directed multiple fire missions onto the force of 600 German infantry troops, six Mark VI tanks and tank destroyers, adjusting round after round of artillery from his prone position, according to an Army website.

Resolved to Die

For three hours, he remained in a prone position, enduring the repeated onslaught of German infantry which, at one point, advanced to within 5 yards of his position. When the Germans mounted an all-out attack to overrun the American lines and his location, Conner ordered his artillery to concentrate on his own position, “resolved to die if necessary to halt the enemy,” according to his Distinguished Service Cross citation.

Ignoring the friendly artillery shells blanketing his position and exploding within mere feet, Conner continued to direct artillery fire on the enemy assault swarming around him until the German attack was finally shattered and broken. By his incredible heroism and disregard for his own life, Conner stopped the enemy advance. The artillery he expertly directed while under constant enemy fire killed about 50 German soldiers and wounded at least 100 more, preventing heavy casualties in his battalion, Army officials said.

As an intelligence officer, historian Villard pointed out, it was no longer his job to put himself between U.S. troops and the onslaught of German fighters, but he unselfishly did so.

Villard also said it’s been suggested that Conner is the second-highest awarded service member following Audie Murphy.

“On behalf of every soldier in the 3rd Infantry Division and their families, we are proud and pleased to have a soldier from the division — a dogface soldier — receive the nation’s highest award for valor,” Quintas said.

Haunting Reminders

Once Conner was out of the Army and returned home to the family farm in Kentucky, he never spoke of that day in France, his widow Pauline said. But she knew that it haunted him.

Noting that post-traumatic stress disorder was not a recognized diagnosis until several wars later, Pauline said she knew her husband suffered from the disorder.

“If anybody had PTSD, he did,” she said, describing his frequent nightmares, but, she added, he wouldn’t talk about what happened that day in January.

On accepting the Medal of Honor tomorrow for her deceased husband tomorrow at the White House, Pauline said, “It’s something that should have been done during his lifetime,” adding that it was an honor for her to accept the medal for him.

She said Conner — who she married when she was 16 — was a good and humble person. “He was my hero. I loved him very much and I’m so thankful I get to see [the medal being bestowed] in my lifetime,” Pauline said.