President Trump Delivers Remarks on Workforce Development – The White House – 7/31/2018

President Trump is fighting for America’s forgotten men and women, taking action to help retrain  our workforce and equip students and workers with the skills they need to succeed.


“The assembly line, energy plant and retail store have changed dramatically in the past 25 years—and the jobs have, too. Nearly 1 in 5 working Americans has a job that didn’t exist in 1980, many in technology, the fastest-growing segment across all industries. Such rapid change is one reason 6.6 million U.S. jobs are currently unfilled. Many of these jobs require skills training, but not a college degree. Yet for too long, both the public and the private sectors have failed to develop innovative and effective training programs. With a new initiative we are launching Thursday, that will change.”

LOCKHEED MARTIN CEO MARILLYN HEWSON AT FOX NEWS: We Must Close the Skills Gap to Secure Our Future

“By recognizing the full breadth of the ‘skills gap’ challenge and the cost to U.S. workers, the president has helped the nation take strong and positive steps … Another important step in addressing the ‘skills gap’ is the recent formation of the National Council on the American Worker. By leveraging insights from government, industry, and academia, we will find new ways to modernize our nation’s education and job-training system. At Lockheed Martin, we are proud to answer the president’s call for comprehensive workforce development.”

THE PLAIN DEALER [CLEVELAND, OHIO]: White House to Make New Vocational Education Push to Help ‘Forgotten Men and Women’

“President Donald Trump wants the world to know he has not forgotten the ‘forgotten men and women’ of America whose interests he promised to protect during his presidential campaign. On Thursday, he’ll sign an executive order to establish a workforce policy advisory board aimed at improving vocational education and job training for high school students and mid-career workers alike, according to his daughter, White House advisor Ivanka Trump.”

CNBC: Ivanka Trump: We Are Pushing for More Education for Mid- and Late-Career Workers

“Ivanka Trump is helping the White House launch a new program Thursday intended to beef up training and education for American workers as the U.S. contends with an economy increasingly shifting from manufacturing to the service and technology industries … The council will focus on a ‘holistic approach’ to the development skills, whether it’s during a person’s elementary and high school years or their working years, Ivanka Trump said, ‘and bring all of government together to devise a national workforce strategy.’”

AXIOS: New Trump Pledge Aims to Help Workers Worried About Jobs

“Unveiling a ‘Pledge to America’s Workers,’ President Trump today will launch a White House effort to promote high-tech retraining for workers — preparation for a workplace that’ll increasingly be dominated by data and automation … The pledge will commit employers to expanding apprenticeships and increasing on-the-job training to help Americans, from high schoolers to retirees, secure stable jobs and careers in the modern economy.”

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS: Trump to Promote Job Training at White House Event

“The White House said it expected the ‘Pledge to America’s Workers’ to lead to at least 500,000 new career opportunities for students and workers. Executives with IBM, FedEx and Lockheed Martin plan to attend the White House event with the president Thursday, along with students and workers.”

WASHINGTON EXAMINER: Trump to Form New Council for American Workers with Executive Order This Week

“The latest move is part of the administration’s efforts to ensure all Americans have access to well-paying jobs and the relevant training they need to secure them … the advisory board will be comprised of administration officials, state and local officials, and CEOs from a variety of industries to advise the president on how to address the current workforce crisis, provide affordable training, and expand apprenticeships across the United States.”

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Trump to Sign Executive Order on Job Training

“More than 15 companies and associations will sign a pledge to educate and train American students and workers as part of a White House ceremony debuting the initiative …. The initiative will address the changes that have occurred over the past few decades to the job market. Nearly one in five working American is employed in a job that didn’t exist in 1980, many of which are in technology, the fastest-growing segment across all industries.”

President Trump issues executive order establishing National Council for the American Worker

President Trump Leads on Workforce Development

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AMERICAN WORKERS LEFT BEHIND: Many American workers are being left behind as current education and training programs fail to equip them with the skills they need. Apprenticeships will not only keep jobs in America, but ensure that American workers and trained and hired to fill those jobs.

  • Despite many available job vacancies, millions of American workers do not have the opportunity to gain the skills necessary to thrive in a 21st century economy.There are 6 million vacant jobs in the United States, the highest number since 1980.
    • According to a 2014 Georgetown University study, by 2020, some form of education or training beyond high school will be required for 65 percent of all jobs.
  • Instead of getting the skills needed to meet new opportunities, Americans are being left with a pile of debt and, in too many cases, no direct pathway to a stable job.Total student loan debt in the United States is now over $1.4 trillion.
    • The average student loan debt, for students graduating with debt in the class of 2016, is over $30,000.
    • Of total aggregate student loan debt, over 11 percent was over 90 days delinquent or in default.
    • Only 11 percent of employers strongly agree that America’s institutions of higher education are teaching graduates the skills their companies need.
  • Many Federal job-training programs are falling short.In fiscal year 2017, the Government funded 43 job-training programs across 13 agencies, totaling $16.7 billion, not counting Pell grants. However, many of these programs do not work and must be reformed.

OPPORTUNITY FOR AMERICAN WORKERS: President Donald J. Trump is providing opportunity for Americans to gain skills needed to succeed and thrive as the economy grows.

  • President Trump recognizes the value of skill-focused education and is taking steps to create more options for Americans.
  • The Executive Order he is signing today takes important steps to expand apprenticeships and improve job-training programs. The Executive Order:Responds to the desire of third-party groups to create more flexible apprenticeship programs and directs the Department of Labor (DOL) to allow companies, trade associations, and unions to develop their own “industry-recognized apprenticeship” guidelines, which DOL will review for quality and then approve.
    • Directs DOL to use available funding to promote apprenticeships, especially in sectors where apprenticeships are not currently widespread.
    • Creates a task force that will recommend ways to promote apprenticeships.
    • Requires all Federal agencies to review and evaluate the effectiveness of their job training programs, and consider how to best consolidate certain programs for increased accountability.
  • Expanding access to apprenticeships will provide American workers with more options and opportunities to get an affordable education and a well-paying job.DOL data shows that over 90% of apprentices find employment after completing their program, and their average starting wage is $60,000 annually.
    • Graduates of apprenticeship programs see a $300,000 lifetime increase in earnings, without the burden of student loan debt.
  • Congress must act to make it easier for Americans to access education that is affordable, teaches relevant skills, and leads to good jobs.Having a degree is not enough; Americans need an education that equips them with the tools to succeed.
    • Job training and higher education programs should be evaluated and reformed to ensure Federal dollars are available for Americans to spend on the courses, programs, and pathways that lead them toward a stable job and a higher paycheck.

A PROMISE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE: President Trump is fulfilling his promise to the American people to provide opportunities to succeed as jobs are coming back to the country.

  • On March 17, President Trump said:“We’re training people as the jobs are pouring back in – and they are coming back in big league.”
    • “We must embrace new and effective job-training approaches, including online courses, high school curriculums, and private-sector investment that prepare people for trade, manufacturing, technology, and other really well-paying jobs and careers.”
  • On September 26, 2016, then-candidate Trump said:“Skilled craftsmen and tradespeople and factory workers have seen the jobs they loved shipped thousands of miles away. Many Pennsylvania towns once thriving and humming are now in a state despair. This wave of globalization has wiped out our middle class. It doesn’t have to be this way. We can turn it all around— and we can turn it around fast.”
    • “It will be American hands that remake this country, and it will be American energy – mined from American resources – that powers this country. It will be American workers who are hired to do the job.”