LIVE: PRESIDENT TRUMP “MAGA” RALLY IN EVANSVILLE, IN – 8/30/2018 – Right Side Broadcasting Live Feed

We will hear from our Fearless Leader – #MyPresident that makes America Proud and Makes America Strong! God Bless You Sir! 8/30/2018

President Trump Announces Trade Understanding with Mexico that could lead to overhaul of NAFTA – The White House – 8/28/2018

President Trump has Phone Conversation with Mexico President – 8/27/2018

President Donald J. Trump is Building the United States Space Force for a 21st Century Military – 8/23/2018

PRESIDENT TRUMP BELIEVES AMERICA NEEDS PROTECTION FROM ABOVE.  It is critical for the safety of the United States. “For too long, the men and women of the United States Armed Forces have been asked to do more with… Read More

Vice President Pence Delivers Remarks Regarding the Adminstration’s Space Policy Priorities – The White House – 8/23/2018

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President Trump Presents the Medal of Honor Air Force Sgt. John Chapman – The White House – 8/22/2018

President Trump will posthumously award the Medal of Honor to Air Force Sgt. John Chapman, who gave his life to save fellow service members on a mountain in Afghanistan in 2002.

Press Briefing With Press Secretary Sarah Sanders – The White House – 8/22/2018

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President Trump Participates in the Salute to the Heroes of ICE and CBP – The White House – 8/20/2018

On Monday, August 20, President Donald J. Trump delivered a message to America’s State and Local leaders, urging them to stand with the heroic men and women of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). These officers enforce our legal immigration system and preserve our national security as the first line of defense at our border. They deeply deserve our gratitude.  

Vice President Pence Delivers Remarks at an America First Policies Event – The White House – 8/15/2018 – Ankeny, IA –

VP Mike Pence in Ankeny IA – Talking about America First Policies – 8/15/2018

Press Briefing with Press Secretary Sarah Sanders – The White House – 8/15/2018

Brennan – topic 8/15/2018

Press Briefing with Press Secretary Sarah Sanders – The White House – 8/14/2018 –

Live Press Briefing – The White House – 8/14/2018