Conservatives are being Disabled on FB in Mass- People removed, banned, returned, unfriended, blocked – 9/3/2018 You Heard It Here First: “We are the Patriots of the New Revolution.”©

Dear Patriots:

This is Rosemary Micallef of TRUMP-For-America #MAGA News on FB – I have been banned from FB. I was told by FB that I, with 109,500 followers on one page alone, was a very influential Admin that I had to secure the page, which I did.  I was banned on 8/24/2018 and I had to provide my license to get it back, which I did.  Then on Tuesday mid day I was allowed back.  On Wednesday, sometime I was banned again.  The same complaint from them that I  “VIOLATED FB TERMS”.  I never know what the violation is!  Then, when they let me back in the second time, they wanted me to secure my page with a two-step authentication.  Then they would not send me the authentication code.  So I could not reach my page for two days straight, while my numbers declined. My only option is to give FB my license again. Who am I really giving this to?

At the writing of this post, my page is still up but not sure for how long. My name is banned. I have worked on this page and to help the election as a Trump Volunteer 18-20 hours a day on this page since the beginning of 2016, no days off, no holidays off. Just calculate the worth of this page in woman-hours and dedication, and I don’t regret it. This Man, President Trump is HONORABLE.  I have faced BLM, ANTIFA, in different states and cities.  In front of Trump Towers for rally after rally in support of America and Our President. I have attended MAGA rallies and gone live in support of our President. The reason for this page’s existence is to share President Trump’s daily achievements and work he is doing to save America from Tyranny. The information I share is strictly from The White House, Live feeds from Fox News, News Max, some information from different sources.  But all vetted, all truth, all real.

Our President Trump needs our Support in mass.  Our Republic is under attack by the social media supported by the New World Order. The left wants to take over the control of America so they are banning us conservatives by the thousands, while trying to take down our President Trump with a fake investigation set up by the cabal.  This is a nightmare in mass scale.  

There are allegations (not vetted by me yet)  that FB is working with the Chinese to control our communications with each other.  They are making us conservatives seem like we are the threat, when we are the ones trying to save America and just share that PRESIDENT TRUMP IS DOING WHAT HE PROMISED.  

All the major papers, magazines, major stations, Silicon Valley, social media, etc. are controlling all news and lying to the masses.  So they figured out that CONSERVATIVES, WE ARE ALL communicating through social media.  So now they are controlling that with their algorithms.  

You will soon hear from me about what is really happening in America.  The Russian Hoax is made up.  President Trump was never involved with Russia. They got themselves confused.  The Russian connection is with Hillary Clinton and her sale of 25% of U.S. Uranium reserves to Russia.  Her paying for a fake dossier from the U.K. intelligence, worked on by Russian intelligence.  The Obama cabal is all involved.  Brennan, Muller, Commie, Hillary, Strzok, Paige. A coverup of massive proportions to take down our President because our voting for President Trump interrupted their takeover of America.  Peter Strzok of the FBI decided that he wasn’t going to allow us our vote.  He worked, works to still take down America, along with the cabal.

Media has a monopoly on how people can communicate with one another.  The laws should force them to live under the First Amendment and make them transparent.  They are immune right now from lawsuits while they apply draconian measures to block Americans from communicating with one another in our own country.  More Information to come soon.

I am listening to Infowars right now on his new Infowars application from the app store.  They are saying that President Trump should get from defense status to Offense.  The left wants to control the upcoming mid-terms outcome to take control of the House in order to Impeach President Trump and take over America.  They want to destroy everything the President has achieved. The left wants open borders, mass Refugee takeover working with the U.N., just like Europe, and mass hysteria and rampant crime. 

This is their intention…their plans for Our America.  Are you going to allow it?

I work with Trump Supporters….the very best group of DECENT legal IMMIGRANTS, ALL NATIONALITIES, RELIGIONS, LANGUAGES, U.S. CITIZENS, HONORABLE, POLICE, VETERANS, MILITARY, ICE, MILITIAS, SECRET SERVICE, FBI RANKS, regular folks and incredible folks.  I am honored to be in their company and to be doing this WORK in support of America and Our REPUBLIC and Leader and Patriot President Trump! #MAGA #KAG 


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