What is this hearing really about? Ford is making statements not based on facts – cloudy memories – Mama bears, guard your MEN – 9/27/2018

The democrats are defending Ford as if she had been subpoenaed to this hearing.  She was not.  As Sarah Carter states below:

On Sunday, Ford agreed to testify before the committee after a week-long back and forth between her attorneys, Debra S. Katz, Lisa J. Banks, Michael R. Bromwich and the committee to schedule the hearing. That night, The New Yorker published a story a story naming Deborah Ramirez, a Yale classmate of Kavanaugh’s in the early 1980s, who claimed he exposed himself to her while she was inebriated. However, The New York Times interviewed several dozen people to corroborate Ramirez’s claim and could find no one who substantiated her accusations against Kavanaugh.

Democrats are working to block the Supreme Court seat. Trying to rile up the democrat base.  Immoral, unethical democrats will destroy anyone to keep the Supreme Court open. Some of the Comments from Dan Bongino.

The democrats are working to build a pattern, trying to show Judge Kavanaugh as a sexual predator.  How is it that they can pass judgment about this man’s beliefs, a Catholic, without understanding the depth of his religious conviction. These people questioning Ford are all part of the D.C. cabal who have been working to undermine and unseat President Trump.  Now, they are going after Judge Kavanaugh because he will be an essential tie breaker in the Supreme Court and break the tie in their attempts at the coupe detat AGAINST PRESIDENT TRUMP.  Their time is up, soon it will all unravel.

First of all, why is Booker in this hearing.  In an article from Redstate.com, Cory Booker Admits to Sexual Assault in 1992 Stanford column.  

Sen. Kamala Harris took her time to bash President Trump and make a spectacle of herself.

Senator Graham just said:  “We don’t know when it happened, where it happened, with whom?”  What house are they going to? what city? what month? what year?  to investigate what?  Graham believes that something did happen to Ford, but not with Kavanaugh!

In order to start a case, there needs to be probable cause.  There is no proof, no police report.  Who paid for Ford’s polygraph test? was it her lawyers, Soros, Clinton? Who? Who is doing this?  Democrats knew about this a long while ago. Senator Feinstein withheld the information.  Republicans have done everything possible to allow Ford to bring her story forward.  But her story is confused. She has Kavanaugh confused with others.  There is no evidence, no witnesses to back up what Ford just said under oath.

Dan Bongino said on his radio show today that the left already have printed their posters with the words:  “STOP! Amy Coney Barrett – Judge Barrett would be the next candidate for the Supreme Court, if the Kavanaugh nomination falls through.  They have developed a plan of attack on Amy Coney Barrett.  They bought the domain name:  Stop Amy Coney Barrett.  They have thought this through. Their final plan is to block, destroy, wipe out anyone who is named for the Supreme Court in the hopes to hold up nominations until 2020.  Their depravity is deep.  The left believes they will be able to take over the house and the senate and continue destroying our president and anyone who stands in their way.  Depraved!

Kavanaugh’s life has been ruined.  No way to defend himself from these lies.  No way to defend from these liberals who control Academia, who control the media.  They will do to him what they did to Clarence Thomas.  They work to destroy his reputation.

But these are my thoughts.  The moral majority in America recognize this man, Judge Kavanaugh.  He has been a good judge, a good Man, Father, Citizen, Patriot.  I am praying and I ask that you pray for Judge Kavanaugh.