President Trump Just Finished his MAGA Rally in Topeka, Kansas – In Support of Kevin Yoder (R) – 10/6/2018

I apologize to my readers. I have been absent and late since this past Saturday, when I broke my ankle in a mall parking lot, with no lights on.  So I have been struggling.

President Trump finally got the Honorable Justice Kavanaugh Confirmed and Sworn in as the 114th Supreme Court Justice, just hours after Senate votes confirmed him.  GOD, Truth and Justice prevailed.  The lies, the innuendos, the threats, did not win. 

This man, #MyPresident is a winner.  He sets his mind to something after carefully vetting those involved.  We have prayed, God was merciful. WE got President Trump and we got Justice Gorsuch and now Justice Kavanaugh.  Truth, Honor and the “American” way will prevail. God Bless America, GOD bless our Justices, God Bless President Trump. God, We Pray, Protect Our Republic!!!

PER FOX NEWS: GOP Congressman Kevin Yoder is locked in a tight race against his Democratic opponent, Sharice Davids.


I am very proud of the Republicans:  President Trump, VP Pence, Leader McConnell, Senator Graham, and Senator Collins. ALL those who remained loyal to this Republic, including one Democrat. We are so proud of you! Our Republican Party didn’t allow the left to intimidate them.  Patriots! This is a historic night~!






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