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WE are experiencing record blue collar wage increases.



President Donald J. Trump’s Commitment to Workforce Development Generates Training Opportunities for Millions of Americans

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ANSWERING THE PLEDGE: Companies and associations are responding to President Donald J. Trump’s call and pledging to educate and train more than 6 million workers.  

  • Companies and associations continue to sign the Pledge to America’s Workers and have now committed to provide more than 6 million educational and training opportunities.
    • With these new opportunities, millions of American workers will have the skills and training to advance their careers and earn bigger paychecks.
    • These opportunities were secured through private sector pledges, not taxpayer dollars.
    • Further, a bipartisan group of 41 governors have signed a pledge to America’s workers.
  • President Trump launched the pledge in late July, prompting more than 20 companies and associations to pledge more than 3.8 million training opportunities over the next five years.
    • Walmart pledged 1,000,000 new opportunities.
    • IBM pledged 100,000 new opportunities.
    • FedEx pledged more than 500,000 new opportunities.
    • Other companies included Apple, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin, and more.
  • Since then, more than 100 new companies and associations have joined these efforts to bring the total to more than 6 million new opportunities.
    • IPC, the Association Connecting Electronics Industries, is pledging 1 million new opportunities.
    • AT&T is pledging 200,000 new opportunities.
    • The National Association of Landscape Professionals is pledging 150,000 opportunities.

DEVELOPING OUR WORKFORCE: President Trump has prioritized workforce development to better train and equip American workers.

  • Reflecting his commitment to preparing our Nation’s workforce, President Trump signed an Executive Order creating the National Council for the American Worker in July 2018.
  • The Council, comprised of senior Federal officials, is creating a national strategy to ensure our students and workers have the education and training needed to compete in today’s economy.
  • The President also established an Advisory Board comprised of business, non-profit, and education leaders to provide recommendations to the Council.

MEETING JOB MARKET DEMANDS: The American economy is roaring back to life and offering workers more and more opportunities that require new skills and training. 

  • As a result of President Donald Trump’s policies, the economy is booming and providing workers with an unpreceded number of job opportunities.

    • The unemployment rate has reached a 49 year low.
    • There are a record 7.1 million job openings in the United States.
    • The record number of job openings is bringing workers back off the sidelines who had been pushed out of the workforce.
  • Workers are in high demand as employers report challenges in locating individuals with the skills and training to fill open positions.

  • The rapidly changing modern economy will require new skill sets for our future workforce as new technology and automation grows.


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