There’s NO “Israeli Occupation” in the West Bank – By: Rochelle Kipnis – 12/7/2018

Hearing people in America refer to Israel’s “occupation of Palestine,” strikes more than just a nerve, it’s spreading incorrect information. As a Jewish American woman who has been involved in American national politics, while my husband ran for United States Congress in New Jersey’s 12th Congressional District, I came across many people including a disturbingly large population of liberal Jewish Americans who seem to be lacking tremendous knowledge of Israeli History and their beliefs are formulated based on what popular media tells them. United States and Israel have one of the strongest military to military alliances in the world. It’s important for American Jews to understand the West Bank dispute and to stop perpetrating false history that can lead to Israel’s destruction.

Let’s break it down. The Israeli/Palestinian conflict may be difficult to solve but if you know the history, it’s rather simple to understand. Israel wants to exist as a Jewish state and live in peace. Palestinians want them dead. 

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