Federal Reserve Live Right Now – 1/30/2019 –

LIVE NOW: Press conference with #FOMC Chairman Jerome Powell:  and   Download Now

LIVE – White House Press Secretary with John Bolton, Larry, Kudlow, Steven Mnuchin – 1/28/2019

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America Was About To Go Down the Toilet – Until Trump – 1/28/2019

The Deep State keeps fighting President Trump:  THEIR Deception, pedophilia, child sex trafficking, Woman SEX Trafficking, Drug Lords, Drug Trafficking, Open Borders, the Media – All Designed to destroy America…….make it disappear……..the enslavement of America, our death and… Read More

HUMAN TRAFFICKING -LIVE NOW – 1/25/2019- The White House

Build the Wall⁉️🇺🇸🙏

Live: President Trump Delivers Humanitarian Crisis Message on Our Southern Border and the Shutdown – The White House – 1/19/2019

President Trump has been trying to reopen the government and is also working to protect our Border.  He will be speaking about the Humanitarian Crisis on Our Southern Border and the Shutdown. President Trump hosted a Naturalization Ceremony… Read More

United States Partial Government Shutdown – 1/15/2018

Democrats hate President Donald J. Trump more than anything.  They cannot give President Trump a WIN! Their virulent radical donor base forbids it! Do anything that fights against President Trump to make sure he “never” wins. Download Now… Read More

Live: From the White House – President Trump Addresses the Nation – January 8, 2019

Today, Tuesday, January 8, 2019 – President Trump argues his case before the American people.  The democrats to not want to hear about the crisis at the U.S. – Mexico border.  They refuse to sit down and hear… Read More

White House Press Briefing Press Secretary Sarah Sanders – and President Trump – 1/3/2019

Federal Employees agree with the shutdown. They want border security and are extremely grateful to President Trump. Fully support the President to fully protect the border wall.

President Trump is Still at the White House During the Christmas Season Waiting for the Vacationing Democrats to Get Serious – Return & Work with POTUS TRUMP & Reopen the Government!

Happy New Year 2019! Thank you for your support! God Bless You All!

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