President Trump is Still at the White House During the Christmas Season Waiting for the Vacationing Democrats to Get Serious – Return & Work with POTUS TRUMP & Reopen the Government!

Wishing you Peace, Love, Good Health and Laughter in the New Year America! 2019!

Keep praying for President Trump and America! I am praying for everyone in America and the World!  We need to stand strong with President Trump and his inspired plans for America.

We must stand with Our President to Protect America! He has remained in the White House during Christmas and New Year’s Eve, waiting to hear from the VACATIONING Democrats.  President Trump is working really hard to protect America.  He is there, working.  He is ready to make a deal with Democrats to reopen the government.  But, we will see what games the democrats are planning on playing.


No Wall Funding, No Deal! We have to have border Security – President Trump

President Trump has a tough new year coming up.  His entire presidency has been dedicated to help get America back from the brink of destruction.  A place where Obama worked hard to achieve.


Want to end the year with a video from Diamond and Silk – Remember how much work we have to do next year.  Pray, Stand Up, follow Law & Order but Stand Up America!


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