President Trump Delivered a New Immigration Plan for America to Protect American Workers First – The White House – 5/16/2019

President Trump introduced his Immigration Plan for America to Protect the American Worker First!

Border Security

President Trump Wants to change Green Cards to Merit Based Immigration – Employment and Skills

People who are coming in right now IMMIGRANTS (LEGAL) IS 12% NOW

Under the Trump Plan it will be 57% Immigration with those who are skilled

There are right now Engineers in Mexico who cannot get in right now because of the Discriminatory Immigration plan we have right now. Under President Trump, those with Engineering Degrees, all necessary degrees, will come in and become U.S. Citizens, Legally to add to our Economy.

We had many attempts at comprehensive reform and no big deal will please everybody. Legal Immigration is important for the American economy. Employers are looking for skilled workers, not those who come here to live on our services.

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