Judge Jeanine – Justice – 5/18/2019

Judge Jeanine Open (see video below)

Democrats spied on the Trump Campaign – Comey (liar/leaker), McCabe (liar/leaker), Brennan (liar/leaker), Clapper (liar/leaker).  These leakers leaked lies to CNN.  These liars are rewriting history to save their hides. They know the end is coming soon.  They never expected America to find out the truth.  They never expected that President Trump would ever find out.  They expected he would be out of office or dead before all this came out.  The Head of the CIA, Brennan is accusing Comey and Comey, Director of the FBI is accusing Brennan.  James Baker who is acused of illegally leaking to authorities points fingers to Comey saying folks in the FBI were trying to black mail Trump.

Judge Jeanine said that the finger pointing is happening in the public square for all to see.  U.S. Attorney John Durham and AG Barr are real attorneys investigating into the left’s plan to destroy President Trump.

This week, Christopher Steele told the state department that ten days before the FISA, his sources were two Russian dissinformation specialists intimately linked with Vladimir Putin.  So, the Democrats actually worked with the Russians via Steele.


Keep praying America.  The truth is coming out.  Dark to Light #wwg1wga – Where we go one, we go all.



America prayed. God sent us President Donald J. Trump – God Bless Him and God Bless America! America, keep praying! #justice #swift #wwg1wga