Day 2 – President Trump, Prime Minister Teresa May, Duke of York – Hold an Urgent Bilateral Meeting & News Conference – #US #UK #TradeDeal – London, UK – 6/4/2019 –

President Donald J. Trump and Prime Minister Teresa May hold a Bilateral meeting that includes Trade and Business in London, U.K.  Many world-class companies attended the meeting. (NIGEL FARAGE SHOW link below)

President Trump made America so proud yesterday in the U.K.  His message to the U.K. was to Remember who you are!  Remember WE are Allies, Friends, the same friends who liberated the world 75 years ago, TOGETHER, from the clutches of Nazism, Hitler and Socialism! 

PRESIDENT TRUMP is offering the U.K. a great deal that includes Trade and Business.  If the U.K. completes its Brexit deal and becomes a Sovereign State once again free from the E.U., this deal will benefit both countries and their markets.


This was a cordial meeting with U.K. leaders agreeing that we need each other.  America and the U.K. are strong allies.  We know and support each other. We liberated the world together!


All the while, President Trump, his White House, FLOTUS Melania are working hard with PM Teresa May to bring America and the U.K. an awesome deal.

If you want to hear details of what is really going on in the minds of the people from the U.K., listen to the Nigel Farage show link below.  It is JOLLY GOOD!  Just love our Friends in the U.K. Cheerio!

Keep praying America, President Trump wants to bring more work, deals and money back to America.  President Trump wants the U.K. to get their country and sovereignty back.  To be the power they always have been. To break away from the EU and to dictate Their own future, just like America! #wwg1wga


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