Press Secretary Sarah Sanders is Departing from the White House –

I have loved every minute working at the White House – Press Secretary Sarah Sanders  

President Trump took a moment during his press conference to call up to the podium his Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.  He said that Sarah Huckabee Sanders is leaving the White House and going back home to Arkansas.  Sarah might be going back to the private Sector.  Sarah wants to be closer to home and her three children. She was clearly moved and emotional but strong, saying her thank yous to President Trump.  The rumor is she might be running for Governor!  President Trump said that Sarah is “Tough but she is Great!”  He said she is a “special person and a very, very fine woman, strong, but with a great heart.”  He thanked her for a great job and it was a wonderfully warm moment.

Sarah said she “Loves President Trump, she loves the Team at the White House.” She stated that it was a wonderful experience to work for this President. “She will treasure it forever.”  She said she will be an incredible spokesperson for this President’s Agenda. It’s the most special experience. But she will support his work.  Sarah said that “the President is surrounded by some of the Most incredible and talented people you could imagine.” She Said:  “Thank you SO Much Mr. President, It’s Truly an Honor!”

We will miss you Sarah Huckabee Sanders! You are the daughter of Governor Mike Huckabee and a great Christian woman.  If you become Governor of Arkansas, you will make it succeed!

God Bless all your future endeavors and your wonderful family.  You will be missed by Patriotic Americans.

Dear Readers: Please pray that President Trump gets a similar caliber new Press Secretary and that he continues to shine doing his great work for America and the World. There is a lot of work left to be done.  Carry our President in your daily prayers.  Thank you! God Bless you all!



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