President Trump will sign Executive Order: Transparency in Health-care Prices – The White House – 6/24/2019

President Trump is keeping his promises.  President Trump is signing an executive order today aimed at making it possible for patients to find out what their procedures/treatments will cost them.

Secretary Azar stated that this EO will be transformational and it will impact healthcare markets and consumers.

Cash prices need to be clear up front for consumers to know the cost of their healthcare.  This will lower market prices and it will leave more money in Americans’ wallets and allow them to find excellent care.

This EO will require hospitals and insurance companies to INFORM patients the RATES imposed on them for their medical services and what patients will pay out of pocket prior to understanding what they procedure will be.   Pharmaceutical companies will be required to reveal the prices of drugs they advertise on TV ads. Americans will be able to budget the costs of healthcare before they get the bill.



President Trump Makes Promises and He Keeps His Promises!



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