HISTORIC: President Trump Walks into North Korea To Continue Negotiations – 6/30/2019

A Historic Event:  


President Trump steped inside North Korea and agreed to further negotiate with Kim Jong-un and will work again on nuclear talks.  The two leaders walked right up the line between North and South Korea and shook hands.  They walked back into South Korea and created a precedent.  The meeting was supposed to last a few minutes, but it stretched more than an hour.

In this bilateral meeting, the two agreed to restart talks that had been suspended since Hanoi.  

According to Fox news, President Moon has high praises about President Trump.  



The right man, for this time, to save America and the world….a peacemaker, a deal maker, Trump!



Fox News: Trump arrived at the DMZ shortly before 2 a.m. Eastern U.S. time, accompanied by South Korean President Moon Jae-in. They were shown awaiting Kim’s arrival, along with South Korean military members and other officials.


“I believe this is an expression of [President Trump’s] willingness to eliminate all the unfortunate past and open a new future.”

— Kim Jong Un, North Korean leader


President Trump commented on what actually happened at the DMZ and how some in Korea were weeping during the incredible walk into North Korea and back to South Korea.  This is historic and hopeful for all Koreans to see take place. 



Our duly elected President Donald J. Trump was insulted by none other than former President Carter.  This comment from Carter has already been debunked by Bob Mueller.   And, as we all know, 65 million of us voted President Trump in office but we are all waiting for the left to catch up and get over their massive loss.  We wanted a winner, A Patriot who wants to Make America First, somene who actually built something and who worked all his life for a living. A true Patriot!



It is unthinkable that a former president would behave in such a manner, speaking negatively of President Trump as he is making deals to save the world. 












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