Joe diGenova Speaks About Nadler’s Impeachment Push – 8/1/2019 #wwg1wga

Nadler continues his efforts to impeach a Great President with his lies.  

There never was Collusion or Obstruction!

Durham has an ongoing criminal investigation of senior DOJ & FBI personnel of the Obama era going on right now.  This is not a review of what went on.  This is a Grand Jury, a Criminal Investigation about who tried Seditiously to overthrow the President of the United States.


Declassification starts this week, some of the Devin Nunes documents are coming out.  302’s, applications for the FISA Courts, many requests.


The revelation of the truth follows next.  How it all begun……..Who is responsible for the “witch-hunt” from the deep state.  #Sedition #Treason 

The Dems planted their TROLLS so deeply into the 2016 election campaign that even Mueller couldn’t find them. “it’s not in my perview!” Mueller

The Mueller INVESTIGATION was a political hit job.  It was based on NO EVIDENCE, none made public.  There was evidence but it was NOT against Our President Trump. Texts messages between two different FBI agents having an affair:  Peter Strzok AND Lisa Page was the beginning.   

Some text messages were recovered, but the fix was in!  

No we find out that the DOJ destroyed missing text messages between the FBI lovers before the Inspector General could review them.  (Office of Inspector General Report).

John Ratcliffe:  Page gave us new information that Strzok either wouldn’t or couldn’t, confirming some of the concerns we had about these investigations and the people involved in running them.

The President was right, a witch-hunt to unseat a duly elected President of the United States of America. 




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