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The Trump Organization plans to take legal action against NBC Universal and Lawrence O’Donnell.  The Program the “Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” broadcasted on NBC Universal on August 27, 2019.  The Trump Organization sent out a letter demanding for Retraction, Correction and Apology.

The letter to Executive VP & General Counsel Susan E. Weiner, Esq. of NBC Universal in NYC states that Lawrence O’Donnell and NBCU made false and defamatory statements that “Russian oligarch” cosigned loans provided to Mr. Trump by Deutsche Bank and described the cosigners as “Russian billionaires close to Vladimir Putin.”          \

Today, the Trump Organization is suing them for lying and propagating lies.

America is fed up of #FakeNews lies being spewed all over America and the world about our Duly Elected President Trump.  Blatant lies spoken daily on every leftist #FakeNews sites and tv stations and radio shows.

The Democrats have a problem and their desire to beat President Trump has made them mad.  They cannot stand that President Trump has a strong economy. They keep talking about the economy in negative tones, making it look like we are about to have a stock-market crash.  Their entire existence is filled with hate, divisive rhetoric and lies.

Mark Levin said on the Hannity Show tonight (Paraphrased):

There is a great disrespect for the media, they treat half of America with utter contempt.  Two years of lies. They bring in a porn actress, a neo nazi to attack the President, Racebaiting professors, ex-obama officials with vicious allegations, unknown never Trumpers. The fake news media calls President Trump: Hitler, Stalin, an anti-semite, a neo-nazi, that he is Musolini, that he is a racist, a biggot, a dictator, compromised, cereal liar, mentally ill, Russian Collusion (Lie), Dossier (Lie), impeachment, obstruction (lie).  Books like “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump By Dr. Lee from Yale, she and 27 of her colleagues decided that President Trump is sick! That’s our media. That’s who is trying to destroy our Duly Elected President Trump.

The media creates pseudo events to discredit our President.  They teach garbage to young students, social activism, progressivism, they teach this garbage to your children America in Colleges.

The New York Times during the Third Reich covered up the extermination of 6 million plus Jews.  This President has been nice to the media, unlike John Adams, and Abraham Lincoln and Woodrow Wilson.  Trump has not unleashed the IRS against them.  The left did.  They hate Trump because he is Pro-American and they are anti-American.  That’s it. Read:  Unfreedom of the Press by Mark Levin


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