New Gingrich Asserts that Democrats Claims Are Not for an Impeachment…It is a coup d’etat – 9/30/2019

HERE IS A VIDEO FROM NEWT GINGRICH – He asserts that Democrats’ claims are not for an Impeachment.  It is a legislative coup d’etat.  Please click below.

Live: President Trump Participates in a Ceremony in Honor of the Twentieth Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff – Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, VA – 9/30/2019

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This is Why We Are Here – We The People Are The News – #DarkToLight – USA – 9/27/2019

We are all watching the deep-state left go out of their minds…they are now exposed. The head of the House of Representatives lies on TV about our President and is now working to Impeach him.  They were working… Read More

President Trump reacts to DNA Director Testimony on the Whistleblower Witch Hunt – 9/26/2019 – PLUS: BREAKING NEWS FROM JOHN SOLOMON

A CIA Whistleblower is behind the so called complaint.  The same CIA that espouses number one enemy of President Trump, Brennan.  This is just another continuation of the Witch Hunt that democrats launched BEFORE TRUMP was Ever ELECTED. … Read More

Rep Adam Schiff (D-CA) Changed the Wording of President Trump’s Conversation and Unclassified WH Document – 9/26/2019

SCHIFF CALLS IT A PARODY – WE CALL IT A LIE TO CREATE INSTABILITY IN OUR COUNTRY Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) changed and made-up the wording of President Trump’s conversation with the President of Ukraine. The disdain coming… Read More

LIVE: ACTING DNI Joseph Maguire Testifies on “PHONY” Whistleblower Complaint – 9/26/2019

President Trump has the Presidential right to dig into what happened during the 2016 elections. The ones working behind the scenes are the those in the cabal (CLINTONS, OBAMAS, BRENNAN, PELOSI, SCHUMER, ETC.)  who were and are involved… Read More

President Trump is Live – Intercontinental Hotel – New York City – 9/25/2019

President Trump is holding a news conference talking about the role of the fake news media. Lies about his campaign, his administration. The fake news non-media are being exposed. Media no longer is a viable media, just like… Read More

Ungrateful Democrats MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for their Crimes – THEY ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW – President Trump Releases “Telephone conversation with President Zelenskyy of Ukraine” – (NO QUID PRO QUO) – 9/25/2019

Without Evidence, WITHOUT THE TRANSCRIPT YESTERDAY or any details, DEMOCRATS announced that they launched an impeachment inquiry into President Trump. Fake News and Corrupt Reporters are aiding and abetting the left. Speaker Pelosi waited to announce an impeachment… Read More


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President Trump Speaks About “Religious Freedom” …Our Rights Come from GOD – U.N. NYC – 9/23/2019 (video & transcriptions)

Download Now President Trump is Committed to Protecting Religious Freedom in the United States and Around the World LAW & JUSTICE Issued on: September 23, 2019 QUOTE Each of us has the right to follow the dictates of… Read More