LIVE: PRESIDENT TRUMP MAKES and Announcement of State Opioid Response Grants – The White House – 9/4/2019

President Trump is Fighting Opioids that have been killing U.S. Citizens – 



The results of the Trump Administration’s efforts should give all Americans hope.

The number of first-time heroin users ages 12 and older fell by more than 50 percent in July 2017. Between President Trump’s Inauguration and October 2018, high-dose opioid prescriptions fell by 16 percent.

In July 2017, the Department of Justice shut down the country’s biggest Darknet distributor of drugs. That same Fiscal Year, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement took more than 2,300 pounds of fentanyl off the streets.

In terms of helping those struggling with addiction, there has been a 20 percent increase in young adults receiving outpatient treatment. And in 2017, America had an increase in the number of patients age 12 and older with illicit drug-use disorders being treated at specialty facilities and private provider offices. (Source: The White House)

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Source: The White House


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