John Bolton is Out as National Security Advisor – 9/10/2019 – The White House

PRESIDENT TRUMP has decided that Bolton has disagreed with the President the last time.  He has disagreed with the President on numerous issues.  There are a significant number of players at the White House who do not agree with his views.  

Bolton has Disagreed with the President over having the Taliban at Camp David and the overall Camp David peace plan.  Bolton wanted to see U.S. Forces drawn down to 8,600 and then stabilized there and not go out over that.  Bolton has been at odds with the President on occasion on North Korea, aligned with Iran.  But, Bolton has run afoul with President Trump and Trump has had enough.  

President Trump has a number of candidates ready to take his place.  

Source:  John Roberts, Fox News, The White House


President Trump and America do not want to go to war.  Bolton was trigger happy about going to war everywhere! Another warmonger.  #AmericaFirst

GOD BLESS AMERICA and GOD Bless President Trump and His Work!




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