Corey Lewandowski Questioned by ANGRY Members of Democrat House Judiciary Committee – Same Questions Asked and Answered Before – WASHINGTON, DC – 9/17/2019

YESTERDAY WAS a rerun of prior hearings by the Democrats House Judiciary Committee.  Committee Chairman Rep. Jerrold Nadler begins his line of questioning (angry):  Mark Levin was livid about the whole thing: 


“That’s the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, who keeps calling the president of the United States a criminal, while he has worked overtime and feverishly to release convicted, very serious criminals. That’s who runs the House Judiciary Committee. He’s a real slimeball. He’s a really dangerous man. You wouldn’t know it looking at him, but that’s exactly what he is,” Levin said.


America needs to remember that President Trump was being investigated WAY BEFORE HE WAS PRESIDENT, via an illegally obtained FISA warrant, WHILE HE WAS A PRIVATE CITIZEN. Democrats and top intelligence players under Former President Obama. And as Hillary Clinton said:

Hillary Clinton: ‘If that f-ing bastard Trump wins, we all hang from nooses’


So, far left democrats embarked on a controlled destruction of anything Trump. Because  when the truth does come out, they will all will end up in #GITMO for Treason.

As Andrew C. McCarthy, New York Times bestselling author said in his book, Ball of Collusion:  “Here is the real collusion scheme: In 2016, the incumbent Democratic administration of President Barack Obama put the awesome powers of the United States Government’s law-enforcement and intelligence apparatus in the service of the Hillary Rodham Clinton presidential campaign, the Democratic  party, and the progressive Beltway establishment.  This scheme had two parts:  Plan A, the objective; and Plan B, a fail-safe strategy in case Plan A imploded—which all the smartest people were supremely confident would never, ever happen…which is why you could bet the ranch that it would.”


So, after all their failed attempts at destroying President Trump, Democrats subpoenad Mr. Lewandowski to testify on Capitol Hill. So, Corey Lewandowski showed up:

President Trump comments on Mr. Lewandowski’s Opening Statement:


From the get go, Democrats attacked the witness and Congressman Doug Collins had had enough.  Watch his reaction below:




Lewandowski responds: “I don’t hear a question. Could you repeat the question? I didn’t hear it. That was just a rant.”


So, If you Ask me a Question, give me the opportunity to answer the question!



Watch below:  The same Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Democrat, who is calling Lewandowski a liar to his face and speaks lies about President Trump, Claims the Mysterious Envelope She Slipped During the Kavanaugh hearings to Ford’s Attorney was Just ‘Stationary Notes’. 


Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 11.12.03 AM.png

No Collusion! No Obstruction! Got it?



Mr. Lewandowski speaks up after a grueling 5-hour House Testimony:

The far left wing of the Democratic Party has to have these hearings to protect themselves in their congressional districts from further left progressives who want to take them out on their primary process. Corey Lewandowski



Vote #Trump2020 for America, for your children, for your future and well being or we will live this nightmare every day until America is totally damaged beyond recognition.


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