President Trump Unveils NEW Border Wall – Otay Mesa, California – 9/18/2019

President Trump took a tour of the Border Wall in Otay Mesa, California.  He met with the Army Core of Engineers, BORDER PATROL and the workers who are doing the work for America, building the Wall to protect the homeland.  He later spoke about it.  President Trump suggested that by next year we will have close to 500 miles built, depending on terrain.

President Trump said that the President of Mexico has been fantastic, all of Mexico has been fantastic.  The Mexican military are doing a Great JOB! President Trump said that we are building the wall at a breakneck speed.

President Trump said that each individual slat is a combination of steel, concrete, rebar and is virtually impenetrable.  It goes down six feet, it is three and four feet wide with concrete in the tube and in addition there is rebar.  If anyone thinks they can cut it with a blow torch, it won’t work (concrete, rebar, steel).  Border patrol can still patrol and see what is happening.  It’s a very powerful situation said President Trump.

Customs and border can move through the system, with lights and sensors.  270 panels are going into the ground per day.

The wall that President Trump is building has sensors that give the border patrol time to be able to react to protect themselves and to stop the intruders. The wall not only has sensors, but it is wired for drone technology.

No More Catch and Release. No more illegals coming in, unless they come in legally.  San Diego has thanked President Trump for it is like night and day over there.  No more people can come in ILLEGALLY IN San Diego.

PROMISES MADE, PROMISES KEPT. That is the legacy of the Trump Presidency.


Thank you Mr. President! #kag #wwg1wga


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