LIVE: ACTING DNI Joseph Maguire Testifies on “PHONY” Whistleblower Complaint – 9/26/2019

President Trump has the Presidential right to dig into what happened during the 2016 elections.

The ones working behind the scenes are the those in the cabal (CLINTONS, OBAMAS, BRENNAN, PELOSI, SCHUMER, ETC.)  who were and are involved in keeping this quiet.  They are doing so by starting this Impeachment inquiry to block America from hearing and seeing the true facts that led to the Russia Collusion hoax and the attack on the presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump. They are terrified, because what they have done is considered Treason and Sedition and are now colluding to drown this President into a mire of paperwork and lies. The media is working with the Socialist left, colluding to keep the truth from coming out.  That is why digital soldiers like us have evolved.  We are brining the truth to you all, the truth shall set you free, the saying goes.  America only has one HUGE controlling Media, and they are the mouthpiece for the left.  We are the mouthpiece for TRUTH, HONOR AND THE AMERICAN WAY.



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