This is Why We Are Here – We The People Are The News – #DarkToLight – USA – 9/27/2019

We are all watching the deep-state left go out of their minds…they are now exposed. The head of the House of Representatives lies on TV about our President and is now working to Impeach him.  They were working to impeach President Trump way before President Trump was even Elected.  The plan was to have Obama for eight years to do the initial groundwork to set up America on a destructive path. Globalist Hillary Clinton was supposed to finish the Next Eight Years and finish America for good.

WE are being savaged daily by the Media that colludes with the New World Order’s Deep State.  They are lying to you…pray…stand strong, use the whispers you hear from GOD in your soul. Ask GOD what you should do.  Stand strong for America.  It is the forces of evil who want America finished.

They are trying to get us to hate America.  WE the People, Patriots stand at the ready to protect Our Sovereignty.  Will you join me? ….follow @prayingmedic on Twitter for clear decodes. Follow my blog here and on twitter: RM4AMERICA🇺🇸wwg1wga, @Truth_Herald7  
Remember: We are not fighting people, we are fighting principalities and the dark forces. Follow Video Creator @DarkToLight on Twitter


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