INFORMATION GATHERED: Durham Probe Now a Criminal Investigation- 10/25/2019


Department of Justice’s investigation on the origins of the Russia probe took a spectacular turn on Thursday when the investigation changed from “Administrative Review” to “Criminal Investigation.”  Now, prosecutor John H. Durham has the power to subpoena for witness testimony and documents, to convene a grand jury and to file criminal charges. (CLICK FOR CRIMINAL PROBE INFORMATION)

#Fakenews New York Times has a headline:  

Barr refocuses Russia Inquiry on Own Agency

But adds lies: 

Fear that Trump is Using Justice Department to Chase Perceived Enemies

They don’t care that the power of the Intelligence agencies were used Vs. President Trump – They care that they will get caught!


Going up the food chain:  Clapper & Brennan are involved. If you continue going up the chain – Did Barack Obama know? At what Point did he know?  How about Susan Rice?

There will be a run on Criminal defense attorneys in D.C.?  All the guilty will get counsel cause they know the ax is coming down.

The Dems are holding a Fake, Illegal, Unconstitutional impeachment in secret, in the basement of the United States House of Representatives.  They are working to find out how they can further delegitimize the President. The President has all the Constitutional Rights to due process.

Democrats saw Mueller fall apart during the hearing in DC on July 22, 2019.  Jerry Nadler said that President Trump “committed high crimes and misdemeanors” and that he had evidence, which we all know he NEVER DID.  So, they come up with another cooked up charge about Ukraine and quid pro quo.  President Trump quickly produced this evidence of the conversation with Ukraine.  The Democrats could not care less about the evidence.  Their plan is to impeach our President by any means possible.

This week Republicans stormed the secret chamber in which Schiff is holding his illegal, unconstitutional impeachment…..cooperate with nothing Republicans.  Accept nothing.  There needs to be a vote. WE need to know who is for it and who is against it.


Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 1.28.32 PM.png

Photo Credit:  Axios

About 30 House Republicans attempted to force entry Wednesday into the closed-door hearing where Laura Cooper, deputy assistant secretary of defense, is scheduled to testify in the impeachment inquiry into President Trump and Ukraine.

The big picture: The Republicans are protesting a lack of transparency in the impeachment process, alleging that the inquiry is not legitimate because a full House vote has not been held and attacking Democrats for holding hearings in private. Because of their efforts to disrupt the hearing, Cooper’s testimony was delayed.


Worth noting: The group alleges that they are being shut out of the impeachment process, but there are Republicans on the three panels conducting the investigation — the House Intelligence, Oversight and Foreign Affairs committees — that are present and able to ask questions at every hearing.

  • A full House vote authorizing an impeachment inquiry would likely allow Republicans to call their own witnesses, but any subpoenas they attempt to issue could be vetoed by Democrats.
  • House Intelligence Committee member Jim Himes (D-Conn.) explained earlier this month that the depositions are private to protect classified information and prevent Trump allies who are being questioned from coordinating their testimonies. He added that witness transcripts will eventually be scrubbed and released to the public.


Biden is for the impeachment of our President and is making comments now about President Trump’s children working in the White House.  Biden seems really upset that Trump has support from his children.

Hunter Biden has international ties to Romania, according to NBC.  Hunter Biden has been in an out of rehab, thrown out of the Navy because he tested positive for cocaine.  He is a victim of his father’s corruption.

Ivanka Trump gave up her CEO position in her business, her own Company to serve America with no Salary! Jared Kushner, the grandson of Holocaust survivors, negotiated the move of the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  He has done great work for Prison Reform. Also, with no salary.  President Trump, as you know, donates his pay also.  They work for free!  They are Trump’s children and dedicate their lives to America.


Judge Jeanine on Fox News now says:  The fraud that is being perpetrated upon our President is now a Criminal investigation.  Sources told Fox and Friends that John Durham wants to question James Clapper and John Brennan.  This is something where the FBI and high levels of Department of Justice were engaged to overthrow the President. They obscured the facts that Hillary Clinton, the opponent of President Trump paid for the Fake Dossier used to get the FISA warrant.  This goes all the way up to the White House during the Obama administration.

Clapper, Brennan, DNI, CIA, FBI all communicated to worked together against then Candidate Trump and Now President Trump.  This impeachment is nonsense behind closed doors and it is in violation of all rules.  People are shaking in their boots.  CIA officials are now lawyering up with criminal lawyers.  They know what they have done.  The attorneys will talk to each other.  They will now have to tell their attorneys everything they did.  An organized criminal enterprise working together to take down President Trump.  Somebody is going to Break! Rats are jumping off the ship.  Brennan, Comey, Rosenstein, Strzok, Page, McCabe all worked together.

Now Dems say that the whistleblower, whom we believe is a CIA operative who needs to be cross-examined and we need to see what his relationship is, Dems are saying he is not needed.  They created the whistleblower out of thin air and now it disappears? and they think that we will allow a duly elected President of the United States to be impeached by a fake, non existent whistleblower? that now banishes.  Impeached on Fake Charges? No!

Barack Obama fired the whistleblower in fast and furious. But Democrats don’t want you to know that America!

The word is that President Trump knows who the whistleblower is!  There are now two!  The truth is that there are people in the White House right now who want to take down this President!!!


FISA Report is Coming out soon!

NY Times articles smears Barr, Durham and Trump – Not news but smears.  Barr, Durham have found something.  The rule of law is what matters.

The House of Representatives are using the House and the Impeachment clause to delete the 2016 election results.

Impeachment is solely delegated to the House of Representatives by the Constitution.  The Full House of Representatives should be involved in critical matters.

The President Counsel should be invited to review witness, to review evidence, to make sure that the impeachment inquiry is done legally.

The Democrats are trying to drive this impeachment inquisition into the 2020 Elections.  This is exactly what they did during the 2018 elections, they worked to undermine the Trump campaign and why Republicans lost the House in 2018.


Senators Lindsey & McConnell introduced a Resolution to the House to let the House know that the inquiry that they are holding is inconsistent with DUE PROCESS and is a substantial deviation from what the House has done in the past to impeach other presidents.


Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 9.24.50 AM.png

  • 137 Democrats voted with GOP against impeaching President Trump.
  • Democrats attempts to open up an inquiry failed miserably.
  • Democrats created a new process: Instead of the Judiciary looking at a possible offense
  • Democrats created an Intel Committee inquiry behind closed doors
    • Does not provide access to President’s Accuser
    • Shuts Republicans Out for all purposes
    • Unworthy Substitute for way we need to do it
    • It’s UnAmerican

Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 9.30.13 AM.png

1998 Impeachment:

  • 31 Democrats Voted with GOP to Open Clinton Impeachment Inquiry
  • Below are the rights given to President Clinton

Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 9.31.43 AM.png


None of the rights shown BELOW have been afforded to President Trump:

  • House Debate & Vote on Inquiry
  • Defined Scope of Inquiry
  • Members Can See Evidence
  • President’s Counsel can attend
  • Specific rules of Investigation
  • Allowed to challenge evidence
  • Minority Given Subpoena Power

This is what Susan Rice dared to say about Senator Graham:


JUDICIAL WATCH: EXPLAINS the truth behind the Biden/Ukraine Scandal. There is a collusion in Ukraine, but it is not President Trump.  The collusion story happened back in 2014 when President Obama and VP Biden were involved with Ukraine to try and impact the 2016 Election.  That is what President Trump was doing by talking with the new government of Ukraine. Trying to find out who was involved in interfering with the 2016 election.