Live: #MAGA Trump Rally – Tupelo, MS 11/1/19 – #AmericaFirst #KAG

Listen to the video below before you watch the Trump Rally.  President Trump speaks about the fake impeachment.  Adam Schiff committed high crimes and misdeameanors by READING HIS WORDED VERSION OF THE TRUMP SPEECH. He made it all up to instill  more hate with his base versus our duly Elected President Trump.  We have two whistleblowers that are connected to the CIA who are trying to take down our President Trump because the CIA is not happy that President Trump is cleaning up Washington, DC, that he is protecting America, giving control of America back to us, U.S. Citizens and is protecting America from getting abused in the trade scene around the world.

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TO THOSE WHO WANT TO KNOW THE ROOTS OF WHY THE DEMOCRATS WANT TO IMPEACH PRESIDENT TRUMP:  I leave this here for you to read and investigate.  They are covering up their crimes because they know what’s coming. The deep state is preempting before the Durham Barr Reports come out and expose the entire truth about their Russia Collusion.  The fact that it was Obama, Clintons and intelligence working with foreign agents to destroy and unseat a duly elected President of the United States.