Twitter Took Me Down for Speaking Against the Deep State -11/9/2019

This was my twitter page up until this mid-week:  11/4/2019


Look at the photo above.  Check out how many followers I had on Monday, November 2019.


Twitter decided that my speaking up against the deep state goes against their Policies.  SO, this week, they took me down for the second time since 2016.  My first Twitter account was tied to the 2016 elections as a Trump Volunteer and they took that one down first.  All my campaign connections, videos supporting President Trump and the most important, a tweet from then President Elect Trump thanking us all for standing up for him and me singing the National Anthem in front of Trump Towers back in 2016 surrounded by the most wonderful patriots you could ever find.  Trumpers from New York, New Jersey, various states, Blacks For Trump, Spanish for Trump, Vietnamese for Trump, Chinese for Trump, etc.



Fast forward to this past week of November 4, 2019, I happened to use the wrong word! and they made sure to take me down.  You see, in the social media world controlled by Socialists, Islamists and outsiders who do not want to RECOGNIZE our First Amendment rights on U.S. Soil, they consider the deep state to have rights.  And the snow flakes who support it, or most likely Schiff and Soros don’t like me at all. This morning I took a look at my twitter page (shown above) and all the photos of Trump and GOD, prayers are gone, the account is suspended and they took all my Q connections and followers. They deleted my Trump photos and my Prayers and Christian photos.


They took me down on Facebook also back in 2018.  I worked my fingers to the bone for 20 hours a day from 2015 beginning to 2018 in support of candidate and now President Trump. The powers that be infiltrated my page and Facebook kept blocking me.  They, with the help of the deep state trolls, took down my page with 120,000 followers and hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars in boosting investment.  The page used to be called:  TRUMP-For-America #MAGA (NEWS) They took my name, my two pages and my group.  My connections in the U.S. and all over the world and all the hard work of 20-7 non stop.  I did not even take any vacations since 2015.  All I have to show for it is silence and the bills to pay my credit card charges. I have given up my life in support of President Trump. I know no one asked me, but I knew it was the right thing to do.  I gave up a consulting career as a technical specialist in Pharma and a 42 year career in corporate work to fight for this GOD-Given Gift, President Trump.  Now all I hear is silence.

This very website was followed by 100,000+ but now they are gone.  So, I continue.

This is the tweet they considered an offense and enough to take me down.  I have asked them to reconsider, and nothing. This is the world the left wants to prevail.  Those of us who stand for God, Family, Country are left without any support or income.



I write in this blog as much as I can to share all Trump daily achievements.  My website has been defunded by Google ads, stating that my posts are of no value to my readers.  So the demonetization of all conservative contents continues.  If I work this, I cannot work full time.  I have to come to the realization that working to save this country is considered worthless to the socialists who seem to control media, print, social media, etc.  It is time we take back our country and save this land from the onslaught of Socialism and those who are too happy to bring to America.

Please help me share this wherever you can.  The world needs to know what they are doing to ALL U.S. Citizen Conservatives on social media.  This has to stop!


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