FIGHTING DEEP STATE LIES: Tom Fitton on “Steve Bannon’s War Room” – Impeachment – 11/19/2019

Hear what is really happening with the Fake, Unconstitutional, Illegal #Impeachment of President Trump from Steve Bannon.  The left has nothing, this is a coup d’etat and honorable Americans, we see it!



VINDMAN took private information about the President of the United States and gave it to half dozen people in Intelligence.  He violated the Rules.  Vindman has legal counsel, Schiff has legal counsel but HOUSE RULES set up BY DEMOCRATS  DO NOT ALLOW PRESIDENT TRUMP TO HAVE COUNSEL!



LIAR ADAM SCHIFF, working like Goebel in Nazi Germany, called Our Great President an  IMPOSTOR!  SCHIFF IS COMMITTING TREASON OFF THE CONGRESS FLOOR!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are watching the Organized destruction of our Country with the help of a foreign agent, George Soros and his many criminal entities.  Who will stop him?


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