Anti-Trump, Pro Hillary FBI Agent Lisa Page Is Saying She Never Broke the Law! – 12/3/2019

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Ex-FBI Agent and Attorney LISA PAGE is WORRIED and is preempting what is coming down the Pike – The IG REPORT that is due out around 12/9/2019.  There is a long line of Obama White House people involved in all these illegal investigations of a President whom Democrats never thought would win.  All this took place and now Democrats work to build a case with NO EVIDENCE for Impeachment of the same President.

Here is what Judicial Watch has to say about Lisa Page and Peter Strzok:

THE FBI is slow walking the document release regarding the Page & Strzok love affair and Treason.  You MUCH WATCH THIS VIDEO



FBI Agent, Peter Strzok tried to explain away his reasons for his texting comments.  This Peter Strzok did not want to investigate what a foreign country did to America, but  started investigating Trump before he was even elected and making negative remarks about President Trump’s alleged smelly Walmart Followers, which I find to be insulting to any party supporter. It’s un-american. No matter what party, those comments are personal.


These two Lovers, who were having an affair, who were Senior FBI Agents, Who were anti-Trump activists, who were/are PRO-HILLARY CLINTON ACTIVISTS, STRZOK & PAGE said terrible things about President Trump and his followers.  This same Peter Strzok was running the Clinton Investigation as a Senior Intelligence Investigator for the FBI.  Later on, Strzok was running the investigation for Mueller on the Trump/Russia investigation hoax. Mueller secretly fired Strzok when the FBI lovers’ texts were exposed.

  1. Strzok and Page were having an affair
  2. Two Senior FBI Agents with the full power of the law who were working together Vs. Trump
  3. Two Senior FBI Agents who SUFFERED anti-Trump bias and were working to ESTABLISH an insurance policy in case Trump was Elected
  4. Two Senior FBI Agents who are Pro-Hillary, were planning a coupe against candidate Trump and then President Trump
  5. This is the  Fundamental corruption of the entire targeting of President Trump.


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The gull, hate and corruption of these two FBI agents is shocking.  Democrats, with the guidance and support of Barack Hussein Obama, fully used America’s intelligence machine against a private citizen (then candidate Trump) and now POTUS Trump.



This same Lisa Page who wanted an insurance policy Just in case Trump were TO BE ELECTED PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.  What was Page talking about, murder, a plan to undermine this Presidency? what?  Who will hold these traitors Lisa Page and Peter Strzok accountable?  The unethical, unlawful, unprofessional behavior portrayed by these two agents is shocking.  Shocking in that they have control of anyone’s fate if they want to destroy them.  Who protects Mr. and Mrs. U.S. citizen from them?


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The IG Report is about to come out and it is our belief that Page is working to preempt the report.

What will ever happen to these FBI agents who committed treason?  Candidate Trump and then President Trump’s Fourth Amendment Rights have been abused.  He was illegally investigated with no cause or proof.  Trump has had to suffer:

  1. A year long investigation by the FBI, including months before Trump was elected
  2. Two-years of investigation by the special counsel Mueller
  3. Now the Ukraine investigation by Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Nadler
  4. Impeachment or Censure for what? No Crime has been committed!

We have deferred hopes that anyone out there in the Justice Department will do their damned job and hold traitors and criminals accountable.  If U.S. Intelligence can do this to a President, what will they do to us if they decide they don’t like us???


JUDGE JEANINE SAYS:  I’d give anything to be a fly on the wall and see real justice in the Senate.

There is a portion in the attachment below where it shows that Page said:  Trump should go F himself! Page now says that it should be taken in the PROPER CONTEXT.  America would like to know in what context LANGUAGE like that is ok, when speaking about the U.S. President.  Obviously, Lisa Page thinks SHE IS ABOVE THE LAW.

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Lisa Page is Anti-Trump in the Russia Probe – Disgraced for a reason – She used the FBI as a big stick to HIT PRESIDENT TRUMP or take HIM DOWN IF HE WON!



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  1. I say put both Strozk and Page away and throw away the key, where no one can find it.