See Media Bias At Work – Look For Yourself – #FISA Illegal Surveillance of a Private U.S. Citizen and then POTUS Trump – 12/11/2019

We have all seen it! We have all wondered!  How is it that we know exactly what President Trump is really doing in DC, at the White House, all his Achievements but the rest of America is totally unaware.  How is that half the country has no idea of the great works this President Donald J. Trump is doing every day for All Americans?

President Donald J. Trump’s Accomplishments List:  CLICK HERE!


Some news sites show you what is truly happening, while other sites only show you what they want and need you to see.  If you get to know the truth, they would be out of work and their Socialist plans would be FINISHED!  SO THE MEDIA is complicit in lying to their base to maintain them seething with anger. The rest of us who vet our news, are celebrating this wonderful President daily!

Below is a comparison from Ronna McDaniel, GOP Chairwoman…..Look for yourselves!

#FakeNewMedia vs.  #RealMedia


The media colludes and works with the democrat party to lie and hide exculpatory evidence about President Donald J. Trump.  Their goal? collude, lie, deceive, to get Trump out, maintain control of the House, Senate and the White House and then TURN AMERICA INTO A SOCIALIST COUNTRY.

President Trump is draining the swamp and cleaning up DC.  He is building the wall and stopping illegal immigration, he is also fighting the drug cartel, fentanyl, and other terrorists trying to trickle through our southern border.  He is also working with Mexico who is paying for thousands of troops to protect the southern border.  Mexico is doing a great job at it and we thank them.  POTUS is also dealing with USMCA and the games Nancy Pelosi and her democrat cohorts play.  President Trump is also dealing with Trade negotiations with China, working to protect our Military and Police from what is actually spilling over into America as a result of all the negative works of our Former President Obama and those who are working to unseat our President Trump.

President Trump works all day and night.  After a full day of  meetings, executive Orders, uplifting America, Creating Jobs, he then goes to Hershey, Pennsylvania, does an entire 2 plus hour MAGA rally full of thousands of Trumpers and those wanting to learn more about this Great President.  He then goes home to the White House to work out more problems.  No one can ask for a better President!  He is doing all this while the democrats dangle impeachment and removal over his head because they know they can’t win 2020 and because they can no longer make backhanded deals that sell off America to the greatest bidder to fill their pockets with cash at America’s Expense.


America is going through the hell imposed on us by the Democrats who cannot make up their minds as to what they think President Trump did or did not do.  The truth is, they lost track of what they themselves have done and are now being exposed.  We pray, stopped from doing again to any other president.  They are turning DC upside down and forever damaging the office of President of the United States and our Constitution.

So the Democrats Push the Impeachment Witch hunt:

FISA surveillance without legal foundation is “Illegal Surveillance” said IG Horowitz:


“What happened here can never happen again. People at the highest level of our government took the law into their own hands. Abuse of power I never believed would actually exist.” All by the Obama admin unleashed against !