President of The United States Donald J. Trump Speaks for the First Time After Being Impeached – The White House – 12/19/2019


President Trump speaks to the press for the first time after the House of Representatives voted to impeach him. 


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Senator Jeff VanDrew, ex-Democrat leaves the Democrat Plantation Party and joins the Republican party in protest against the Democrat party’s illegal, unconstitutional witch-hunt impeachment. 

Senator Van Drew expressed that he cannot go against the U.S. Flag, our Military or Our Police. He is shocked with the Un-American behavior exhibited by the Democrat House members and Democrats in New Jersey.  He stands with President Trump and goes into the minority now, knowing full well what he is facing.


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Democrats have told Senator Van Drew that America is not an Exceptional country, to never mention President Trump’s name.  Democrats have said to him that America is the same as any other country.  Senator Van Drew also wanted to add the words “In God We Trust”, that it should be hanging everywhere and Democrats shot it down. Shocking!


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Senator VanDrew was welcomed by Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kevin McCarthy with well wishes and a big Welcome to the Republican Party that Loves America, Law and Order, the Constitution, our Military, our Police, God, the U.S. Flag and the American people. 

We pray and wish President Trump the very best because the Democrat led Impeachment was a partisan, hateful act.  Democrats know full well that they cannot win the 2020 elections and they have said as much on national television.  This Impeachment is an act of war against We The American People, our Vote, our Voice and Our Right to elect our President in 2016. 

Democrats also alluded to the fact that they do not think that the American people can be trusted to choose the next president.  Not only do the Democrats want to take away our First, Second Amendment rights that are part of our U.S. Constitution, they want to take away our right to elect our choice of President.  This means that the Democrats truly want to make this a Socialist country so that the Citizens of this country have “NO RIGHTS”! 

We will decide our Fate, and the Democrats will have to live with it.  #Trump2020





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